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How to Create Educational Brochures in Microsoft Publisher

Since a brochure is cheap and is easy to produce, it is one of the classic ways to advertise and be informational about something. However, aside from brochures, you can use flyers and other channels to advertise. Furthermore, educational brochures are used by institutions to get more students to enroll. 

If you want to make brochures for an elementary school, a culinary school, a college university, or any type of school, here are some tips for you:

1. Who Is the Brochure For?

To get you started with making your own effective brochure, you need to know your audience. Who are you selling your brochure to? When you know who you are making the brochure for, it will be easier for you to get their attention. Are you making a brochure for kindergarten, elementary, or college audiences? A specific brochure for a specific audience is better. This way you will know the things and information that can most likely catch their attention. 

2. Pick a Template 

When you have an idea who your market is, you will need to choose from an array of sample brochure templates and pick the best one. Once you have your template, you need to choose the software to work on. If you want, you can use Microsoft Publisher. This software is good for layout and design which can fully assist you with your brochure. 

3. Know Your Institution

Since you are going to persuade people to enroll in your school or university, you have to give information about your institution. Make sure that you know the values, mission, vision, and most beneficial attributes of it. You have to incorporate all these into your school brochure. Having people read your brochure is the same as introducing them to what your institution is all about. This will serve as the foundation of your brochure. 

4. Your Content

How you write your content should coincide with the atmosphere of your brochure. Since this is an educational brochure, it is important to use a professional language. Regardless of who your audience is, make sure that you keep it formal. Also, you need to include the important details about your institution. Since you are marketing your school through your brochure, you have to include the best qualities and achievements of it. 

5. Brochure Design

Considering the idea that you already know your market, then it would be easier to make your design. Design for your audience. Also, don't overdo your designs or it would make your brochure look cheap. Keep a professional atmosphere all throughout your brochure. Make your designs pleasing because these will reflect on your institution. Another thing to consider is the fold of your brochure. You can decide to make it trifold or bifold type. It's up to you which is more convenient. 

6. Use High-Quality Photos

Your brochure should have images for your audience to have a background about your place. Do not settle on low-quality images but devote to good-quality photos. Photos will help the brochure mesmerize your audience.

7. Review

Once you are done, you should review your work. Ask for people's advice about your brochure. Be open to criticism. Feel free to make changes. After that, you can now print your brochure