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How to Make an Appreciation Certificate in Microsoft Publisher

One of the ways to recognize and appreciate someone's effort and excellence is through a certificate of appreciation. Anyone can receive recognition. He or she can be an employee, a student, a professional, or anyone who has made an accomplishment and gave an outstanding performance that is worthy of appreciation. Moreover, aside from certificates of appreciation, there are certificates of completion and certificates of gratitude.

Making an appreciation certificate is not hard. We have provided simple steps to guide you in making this kind of certificate. Just follow these steps:

1. Gather Important Details

In this part, collect the information about the award certificate that you will make. Only collect the vital information that will appear on your certificate. The information like the name of the recipient, who the award is from, the date of the award, and the names of the people who will sign the award. These are the essential contents. Make sure that you have gathered these things.

2. Keep It Formal

Certificates usually use formal language. So when you write your document, make sure to be precise. Keep a professional atmosphere. Avoid using an informal tone.

3. Certificate Content

There is no standard wording to be followed to make a sample certificate. However, most certificates follow the same formats. Certificates usually start with the title. Since you are writing a certificate of appreciation, this will be your title. Next, you will have to include the name of the recipient of the award. Make sure to use the full name of the person. Another thing, insert who gave the award; mostly it is from an organization, from a company, or a school. Furthermore, add a little description of the award. You can put the reason why the person deserved the award. Also, don't forget the date of the award. On the bottom part, include the names of the people who will have to sign the certificate.

4. Certificate Design

Designing your modern certificate is another plus point. Although certificate designs are not necessary, you can add designs. Designs will give more life and vibrancy to your certificates. Since you are given the liberty to decorate your certificate, you need to do it wisely. Overdoing designs can make your certificate look cheap; a simple design will make it look more professional. Make sure that your designs will complement your certificates. You may use borders to design your certificates. Another thing, use a practical application that will help you edit beautiful documents, like Microsoft Publisher. This application is qualified for making layout and design.

5. Certificate Fonts

Additionally you can use more than one font on your certificate, but don't overuse them. When you decide on the fonts, make sure that they harmonize with each other.

6. Print Your Certificate

Review your work. Make sure that you have provided the correct details before you print it. Also, choose the paper that you think is best. You can use parchment paper since it is a classic paper for certificates. However, don't just settle on parchment paper; there are better papers you can use.

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