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Boosting the morale of students or employees is an effective way of encouraging them to work harder and to inspire them to continue improving. Giving them award certificates that recognize their efforts is a fitting reward for the fruits of their labor. If you want to create captivating award certificates quickly, we have a wide selection of high-quality Award Certificate Templates that are easily editable and 100% customizable in Apple Pages. These ready-made templates have a default layout that you can adjust freely to suit your preferred aesthetics or style. Our templates are also complete with usable design elements and user-friendly features that will surely help you out. Download any of our Award Certificate Templates in Apple Pages now!

What Is An Award Certificate?

An award certificate is a special document given to a rightful recipient as an appreciation of their excellence as a member of an institution or organization. Most common forms of award certificates are those awarded by schools and companies. Those in schools are awarded by either a teacher, principal, or dean to an outstanding student. Meanwhile, those in companies are given by company owners, leaders, or managers to honor and reward the hard work or long service of an employee. There are also award certificates that are rewarded by some non-profit organizations due to an individual's charity work, such as a donation to the less-fortunate people.  

How To Create An Award Certificate In Apple Pages?

As an educator in an educational institution or a high-ranking member of a company, the importance of uplifting the morale of your students or employees is a principle that you must honor. One of the best ways for you to do that is by rewarding them with a well-crafted award certificate. With that fact, we have gathered a few tips to help you create the perfect award certificate:

1. Choose Apple Pages 

You have a library of choices on what editing software to use for the creation of your award certificate. You can choose any as long as it's according to your convenience. However, among your top choices should be Apple Pages. Why should it be? Apple Pages may be known as a word processor, but it can also function well as an editing software. It has features that can help you to create an award certificate that will surely be appreciated by its recipient. Plus, if you own a Mac PC, you can download Apple Pages for free. 

2. Attach Your Company/Institution Logo

An award certificate will not be considered as an official certificate without the logo of your company or institution. With that in mind, it's essential that you must include it in the certificate. You should place it on the top part of the certificate, preferably at the top-center.  

3. Decide On A Perfect Title

The title you must decide on for an award certificate must correspond with what kind of compliment it represents. It's a very simple yet essential step when creating an award certificate. For instance, if the certificate is an appreciation for an employee's exemplary performance, you can name it as a "Certificate of Appreciation". And if it's a recognition of a student's academic excellence, you can name it as a "Certificate of Recognition" or "Certificate of Excellence."

4. Make The Content Attractive

As mentioned earlier, an award certificate is a special document. With that in mind, everything found on it must look special, and that includes all its texts, such as the word "Congratulations." To achieve that, what you must do is set stylish font styles and set eye-pleasing font colors. The text that should be enhanced the most is the recipient's name. Why so? The reason is because the recipient's name should be the certificate's center of attraction.

5. Download Award Certificate Templates 

Another criterion for an award certificate is its aesthetic quality. For that reason, you must apply eye-catching designs on it. However, designing various types of certificates is quite challenging, especially if you're not an expert graphic designer. But there's no need for you to worry since printable and downloadable award certificate templates with elegant default designs are available right here form us for you to download and customize immediately.

6. Frame Or Encase In An Envelope

Once you've printed the certificate, you should frame it or encase it inside an envelope. The ultimate purpose of why it should be framed or encased in an envelope is to protect it from being ruined, thus preserving its elegance. If you opt to encase it in an envelope, it's best to use elegant ones with the aid of envelope templates.