Everybody loves to be appreciated, especially when achieving something significant. We all want to feel valued in any way possible, and an award certificate is one of the best tokens of appreciation. If you want to ensure you make someone feel appreciated, steer away from boring and plain award certificates. Use our Award Certificate Templates which are easily downloadable in Microsoft Publisher. Using their easily editable features, you are guaranteed to have full control of the layout and designs of your certificate.  Doing so lets you save time in incorporating your preferred design and content. Available in 8.5×11 inches + bleed and made with 300 dpi resolution in CMYK color space, these templates help ensure you produce high-quality certificates to give to your students, employees, or event participants. Don't pass up the chance of creating certificates conveniently by downloading our free printable Award Certificate Templates in Microsoft Publisher now.

How To Create An Award Certificate In Publisher?

Award certificates or appreciation certificates encourage an individual to continue achieving. While there are a lot of ways to congratulate individuals for their achievements, one of the most common ways you can do so is to provide award certificates. For you to genuinely show your appreciation, here are a few tips on how to create an award certificate in MS Publisher.

1. Treat Someone's Achievement As His Best One

Appreciating achievements of individuals will help them continue their work or service with renewed vigor. When you reward someone, such as your employee, it's more than just a form of recognition, it's also a way to motivate your subordinates to reach for excellence. Create your award certificate with the best content possible to make the awardee feel totally important.

2. Remember Who Your Recipient Is

Depending on which sector you belong to, the award certificate may be for an office employee, a government official, a student, or business professional. With that said, determine the best candidate who will receive the certificate. By doing so, you're able to choose an appropriate design that will ensure that the message is consistent with the colors or vectors used in the award certificate.

3. Determine Where Will It Be Given

In addition to determining who your recipients will be, remember the venue for the awarding ceremony. Determine whether you will use it in an office setting, in school, or outdoors. When you do so, don't forget to determine the specific event you will use it for. The award certificate could be used for a completion certificate, training certificate, academic excellence, or appreciation certificate, among many others.

4. Download Any Of Our Award Certificates

Browse for any of our sample award certificate templates in MS Publisher if you find working from scratch stressful. We recommend using our very own award certificates. There's no need to go through the hassle of starting from the very begininng because all our templates are ready-made with built-in designs and suggestive content. They're even print-ready for your convenience. Just don't forget to customize them by using your branding elements.

5. Do It In MS Publisher

With a great variety of built-in features for editing and customizing, templates, MS Publisher has been one of the most convenient tools used by graphic designers and professionals because of the advantages it offers. This software provides a work environment that makes it easy to work on documents in a variety of sizes and shapes. MS Publisher also has various tools to help you arrange texts, images, and other objects within the page margins.

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