Any individual who enrols in a program that involves incremental training, whether for an academic institution or company, will earn more value with a certificate to show when new milestones have been reached. Download one of our premium Completion Certificate Templates as an attestation to those who have spent time learning and completing a relevant course, internship, or training. If you wish to create a formal and valid certificate, choose from our wide variety of premium Completion Certificate Templates that are professionally-designed and easy to use. They are ready-made and can be opened in all versions of Apple Pages. Available in (US) 8.5x11 inches with bleed, save time and money by downloading one of our templates today!

How To Create Completion Certificates In Apple Pages

Looking for an inexpensive and effective way for your organization or business to draw up completion certificates? You've come to the right place, as we're sharing a step-by-step guide to creating completion certificates with you! For your convenience, we're also providing templates for downloading certificates easily. However, it's vital to know how to create or design completion certificate templates before you can use them, so we're giving you a step by step guide so you will have an idea on how to make completion certificates using Apple Pages.

1. Plan The Layout

The first step in generating a completion certificate is to select a particular layout or format to follow. Most certificates are focused toward a direct and straightforward design. You may do that or you can choose the layout design online. The most significant thing is to choose a structured design that is simple to read.

2. Come Up With Appropriate Wording

Next, plan the proper and appropriate wording for the certificate. For example, when you create an achievement certificate for a teacher who had just completed her training, you should take note of the details of the training program and generate a message of completion or achievement around that information.

3. Add Visual Components

Select, download, and save all the images, illustrations, or header designs you want to include in your certificate of completion. For instance, if you are creating a completion certificate for a student who has just completed his internship or On-The-Job Training (OJT), then you have to make sure that you have saved a copy of your institution's logo to make the certificate more credible.

4. Download An Editable Completion Certificate Template

No need to look anywhere else as we have editable, downloadable, and printable certificate templates that can immediately be downloaded to assist you to save time, money, and energy. We offer you a lot of certificate templates that you can choose from. All you need to do is customize your choice to your specifications using Apple Pages that can be easily accessed in your Mac, iPhone, or any online device. No need to start from scratch, as all you need to do is replace the existing content with your own preferences since we've especially made our templates to be customizable for your convenience.

5. Print And Distribute The Certificate

After editing your own certificate's layout, get a high-quality card stock or thick paper for printing, making the end product luxurious and more formal, and that's it! You've learned all there is to know on how to create an efficient completion certificate. Refer to this short guide often so that when it comes to creating beautiful certificate documents, you won't lose your touch.

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