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How to Create a Blank Chart in PDF File Format?

Blank charts are an alternative visual tool to appealingly present your data. These tools are usually used for the presentation of the company's daily, weekly, monthly, or annual status. It can also be utilized in showcasing a class project for schools or even for personal sake. Whatever the purpose of your blank chart, it must be meticulously and truthfully constructed. With that being said, we gather some useful tips in making a personal blank chart.

1. Gather Truthful Data

The first move you need to execute in creating your blank chart is to gather all of the essential data for your blank chart. Rather than crucial data, it must be truthful and reliable. Also, determine as to what type of data you have collected as it may affect as to what type of chart you will make. There are two dominant types of data — quantitative and qualitative. Quantitative data is a form of data that focuses on the number or quantity of a variable while qualitative data settles in quality and character. For instance, if you opt to make a blank family tree chart, start by gathering the ancestry of the family. Know all of the family member's full name and their relationship with each other and present your data in a quantitative form.

2. Make Your Blank Chart Layout

The data will not be presented clearly without the layout. First, start with the main component of your blank chart — the graph. Insert graphs such as pie, bar, or pyramid depending on your data. Afterward, lay a section and make a sizing for the variable labels and brief descriptions. Make it appealing by adding the correct complementary colors that would go with your chart. You can also insert images that would greatly help to interpret your data. E.g., in your t-chart, instead of words, you can make use of images an alternative in the comparison of the variables.

3. Pick A Right Template

After gathering the data, you now determine the type of chart you need. If you do not have ample time to make from scratch, it would be easier for you to download the right template for your blank chart. is a reliable site that caters premium blank chart templates. You can find a blank org chart template, blank seating chart template, blank timeline chart template, and more.

4. Use PDF As Your File Format

After deciding whether you will make a blank chart from scratch or by downloading a template, you can now select as to what file format suits your blank chart. There are many file formats available online, but one thing is for sure, PDF format is the best among the rest. PDF is a multiplatform, accessible, and extensible file format that you can use in your blank chart. You will not be worried about unexpected changes in your file as it has a security feature that would guard your file from online bugs.

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