Delivery Receipt Templates

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What Is a Delivery Receipt?

A delivery receipt is an evidence that a client or customer has received the goods he or she ordered from a company. It will show that the goods are in the right client's possession.

How to Create a Delivery Receipt

Successfully excel in creating a delivery receipt with the tips below.

1. Place Your Company and Client's Details

Start your printable receipt with your company's information. You have to add your logo, company name, contact information, and address. These details will make known that the goods are from your company. 

Next, you also have to include your client's details like name, contact, and address to ensure that the trucking company, shipping company, or courier will know if they sent the goods to the right person.

2. Write the Essential Receipt Information

The essential receipt information this step is referring to is the cash receipt number, delivery address, and delivery date. These details are important to ensure that you have a record of when and where the courier should deliver it.

3. Display the Order Details

In this step, you have to create a table and input the client's order details in the sample receipt. The details include every item's description, unit price, quantity, and amount. After that, you can write on the bottom part how much the client must pay for all the goods they ordered.

4. Provide a Section for Signature

In the last part, you must save a space for the receiver's name and signature on the simple receipt. This is relevant since the signature can verify that the goods are in the receiver's hands. Without the signature, there'll be no verification about who received the goods, and that can be a problem.

5. Download a Template

If you think creating from scratch isn't your forte, then a blank receipt template is for you. Whether it's for a pizza delivery or other kinds of delivery, a receipt template is going to be a big help since it saves you time. So, choose the template that your business needs from the pile above. 


  • What is a delivery invoice?

      A delivery invoice is an invoice that a company sends to its clients to ask for payment after delivering the goods. The client will receive this document after receiving a delivery note.

  • What is a delivery note?

      A delivery note is a document that a client receives together with the delivered goods. This note includes a list of goods together with their prices. 

  • What is the difference between a delivery receipt and a read receipt?

      A delivery receipt means that your message is delivered to your recipient. On the other hand, a read receipt means that your recipient has read your message.

  • Who issues a receipt?

      The parties that issue receipts are the business people, sellers, and merchants. They issue receipts to their clients or customers after receiving payment from all their services and goods delivered or offered.

  • What does delivery?

      Delivery is an act when you transport goods from a place to another location.