Since the existence of the first black and white motion picture in 1988, movements and trends have become highlight as well. And where movie scenes are taken, directors wraps up everything. Becoming the next Steven Spielberg doesn’t happen in one day. But it needs to be accompanied by actions and good takes! Having an attention to detail, and strong leadership skills are just among the must-have attributes of every aspiring and famous director. So, in getting a spot in the film scene, you cannot go wrong with a professionally written resume. But fret not. Explore our Professionally Written Director Resume Templates in Apple Pages. All files are available in (US) 8.5x11, (A4) 8.27x11.69 inches + Bleed. Follow your passion and become professional with your craft. Download now! 

How to Create a Director Resume in Apple Pages

Roundhay Garden Scene, directed by Louis Le Prince, a famous French director, is among the earliest surviving films to date. Since 1988, this film paved the way for auteurs and directors to be well-known in today’s generation. Most of these directors, including Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick, inspired famous directors of today’s generation. And eventually, these names’ film styles; cinematography, narratives, and motifs, are followed by today’s aspiring and soon-to-be directors. In the 2011 survey conducted by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, directors get $92, 220 income annually. Thus, art and culture demand to grow. However, getting involved in the film scene and industry isn’t as easy as how you think it is. You need to be unique and outstanding among the others. And so whether you are an aspiring theatre, music, or executive director, your application must come with a well-written resume. Now, create a Director Resume in Pages by following the steps below.

1. Get a Ready-Made Template

It’s not a new scene of how most applicants struggle with the starting point. To get yourself more comfortable and handy, getting a ready-made template would be necessary. In doing so, you can choose from a variety of our Director Resume Templates. Choose what best suits your taste. So, download and customize using Apple Pages. To get yourself started, launch your application using Mac. With a new document, find your template in the My Templates category. Then, start editing it.

2. Highlight Your Credentials

When you have a template that works best for you, it is time to make your credentials a top priority. Ensure to place it at the above and middle part of your professional resume. In this way, recruiters and companies can quickly get an eye from it. And since you are applying for a director position, the objective is to jot down a credential that perfectly fits the job you are applying for.

3. Jot Down Your Work Experience

Never forget to write down your work experiences that are related to film project management. This allows companies to assess how far your training is. But always remember to focus on the relevant work experiences. So if you think that your skills are not connected to the current job you are applying for, then don’t include it. Other than that, ensure that your list includes your recent projects. Consider putting this section in bullet form. This helps in avoiding clutter.

4. Add Your Contact Details

Of course, never forget to include your contact information. In your resume, just below your name and self-portrait, it is essential to add your phone number and social media links. But above anything else, don’t forget to place your email address. Aside from that, allow companies to assess your previous works by placing a website that redirects to your portfolio. Don’t make it too big and too small. Make it easy to read and noticeable. In this way, they can get back to you easily.

5. Make the Necessary Adjustments

Some companies are not particular to the designs. Perhaps, a simple resume will do. But if you want to keep it modern-looking, you may do so. Just make sure to adjust the layout, add a photo, and modify the colors. But remember, don’t overdo the process. And whenever you are done, do the rechecking. Then, print three or more copies.

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