Prescriptions are very helpful in extending the lives of people with different medical conditions. With complete information written on it, prescriptions save people a lot of time figuring out treatments when faced with a difficult condition. Create one now with our Doctor Prescription Templates! Each template in this collection is 100% editable. You don't need to start from scratch since it already has original content. You can also print this template and A4 and US Letter Sizes. Save your effort and time with our templates. Give the best prescription to patients by downloading our templates now! 

What Is a Doctor Prescription?

A doctor prescription is a handwritten document that states the dosage of the medicine the patient has to take. Doctors in clinics and hospitals have different designs of printed prescription pads for their use. Patients take these prescriptions to the pharmacy to get the prescribed medicine.

How to Create a Doctor Prescription

When you have fever or any other medical condition, the last thing the doctor gives you is a prescription. That little piece of note is the key to full recovery. Prescription pads never run out of style even in today's digital landscape. If you need to create a one, we provide some of our tips below.

1. Put Doctor's Information

The first thing that should be seen in a prescription is the information about the doctor. Put the doctor's name, address, name of hospital or clinic, and contact information on top of the prescription template. It's one of the few things people look at when they see a prescription.

2. Put Patient Information

Put labels for names, address, and contact number of the patient. Leave a blank after each label. That's for the doctor to fill in when he needs to prescribe medicine to the patient.

3. Leave Spaces

Allot spaces wide enough for writing the prescription. You can put the logo of your hospital or clinic on the upper right hand corner of the prescription pad. The spaces for writing the prescription is usually devoid of any information.

4. Check the Document

Always check your document to make sure it's spotless. Correct some spelling and grammar errors if there are any.

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