How to Create an Expense Sheet in Apple (MAC) Pages

Making an expense sheet is pretty much like creating your monthly budget or yearly budget in a budget planner. So, prepare your MacBook Pro and create an expense sheet with the help of the tips below.

1. Identify Your Goal

The first step to creating an expense sheet is to determine your goal. Do you want to record your daily, weekly, or monthly expenses? Do you need to create an expense sheet for a construction project, travel, etc.?

2. Create a Table

Like any other budgeting sheets or any sheets that deal with finances, your sheet must contain a table. A table makes it quicker for you to input and locate the numbers and text on your basic sheet. Additonally, your table must be organized and must present clear information, too.

3. List Your Expenses

You can now add labels to your simple sheet by adding an expense list. Carefully list all the expenses you have. For a personal expense sheet, you can list transportation, food, entertainment, insurances, rent, loans, water, electricity, etc. For a company expense sheet, you can include office supplies, training expenses, and personnel expenses.

4. Add the Amount of Each Expense

An expense sheet doesn't only contain the list of all your expenses, but it also contains how much they are. So, list on the tracking sheet the amount of each expense you made. After that, you can do the Math and find out how much your total expenses are. Additionally, you can check if your expenses fit your budget or not.

General FAQs

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