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How to Make a Fax Cover in InDesign

For any document sent to a fax machine, a fax cover sheet is used as a cover letter. It will actually help the recipient know exactly where and for whom the document needs to go. Additionally, it is essential particularly if there is only one fax machine used by the company or business for the whole staff. This brief guide will help you create a fax cover that will surely deliver documents to the intended recipient.

Based on an article written by Neil Kokemuller in, despite technical improvements in electronic communication technology, as of 2015, fax machines remain a significant strategy of disseminating documents. Fax cover sheets carry a substantial role in alerting recipients about who should receive the fax and what it comprises.

1. Put the Necessary Details

First off, put all key information on the fax cover sheet. Basically, it includes important data such as the sender's name, address, contact details which includes a phone number and fax number. This should also contain the same needed details about the recipient. Do not forget to include the date and time on the list. Page numbers are also important elements. It will serve as an instrument for your report sheet.

2. Present the Company Name

Typically, a business or company fax cover sheet contains the company name. The company name must be seen at the top of the sheet. Immediately, it will enable the fax recipient to know which company sent the letter. If you have a company or business logo, prominently feature it as well.

3. Provide Privacy Notice

A fax cover page may also include other necessary information like privacy and security disclosures with certain papers. Documents may contain confidential information such as medical data. Privacy notice basically states that the fax's content is exclusively for the intended recipient and unauthorized person is prohibited to open it. It will notify the recipient about the sensitive nature of the enclosure. Maintaining accountability in protecting confidential documents must be served.

Government agencies, economic institutions, and legal departments are usually the company that may have confidentiality or privacy statements on a cover sheet according to

4. Download a Sample Template

If you want to save time thinking on how to layout your fax cover, you're on the right track. This website will enable you to download premium fax cover templates such as confidential fax cover sheets and Google Docs fax cover sheet templates for free. For your satisfaction, you can make use of the suggestive content. Simply modify specific details depending on your needs and wants.

5. Use InDesign

After you download the chosen fax cover template, you can personalize them in InDesign.

According to the American Graphics Institute, InDesign offers the required tools to design websites and generate visual layouts for both print and digital media. It also offers users a convenient method of creating professional websites that can be printed or shared online. InDesign is particularly helpful for documents with various pages, layouts combining text and images and those containing significant amounts of text.

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