How to Create a Fire Organizational Chart in Adobe PDF

An organizational chart is a diagram that features the roles and responsibilities of employees in an entity, according to Investopedia. Therefore, a Fire Organizational Chart conveys the relationships between the officers in a fire station. This staffing chart projects the essential roles in the training department, maintenance department, operations department, volunteer fire department, and administration department hierarchy. This type of infographic can either present these departments individually or as a whole organization.

Capture your personnel's attention by finessing your organizational chart with the right touch. Here are the tips on how to create a fire organizational chart in Adobe PDF.

1. Choose the Right Size

Your newly hired firefighters will find your chart confusing when you contract each department as one. Divide your table according to department or division necessarily. Of course, prioritize showing your officers with significant positions along with their assistants because they will be the first to contact in case of an emergency and urgency with an employee.

2. Choose the Right Shapes and Colors for Each Level

Your chart becomes easier to understand when it has consistent colors and shapes for each organizational level. Put the same colors and shapes for superiors, and other identical colors and shapes for each level after.

3. Add More Staff Details

Include details such as contact information and email address in case someone in your department needs assistance.

4. Accentuate Assistant When Needed

Office superiors can be very busy and often unavailable. Unattended calls are inevitable for these positions. That is why you must include assistants in sidebars since these people have direct contact with your superiors.

5. Give Consideration to Distance

Ensure you use the right spacing for each shape for a more professional approach. Maintaining proper distance makes your chart neat and understandable.

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