What Is a Calendar?

A sample calendar is a system of arranging special events such as religious rites, important holidays, or even personal events. It was given names in a specific period like days, weeks, months, and years. To busy people such as businessmen and women, calendars are handy because they are used to keep track of their time and to mark their important schedules like meetings and business trips.

How to Create a Calendar?

Calendars can be seen everywhere and mostly seen inside a house. A house is not complete if it doesn't have a calendar. As for the corporate world, simple calendars are also seen always just like in a house or school. It is most likely a requirement that a businessman has his calendar on their desks. Since it is a very normal thing that is commonly seen everywhere, it is assumed that a calendar is beautifully made.

But it doesn't hurt to make a customized calendar for yourself that will suit to your liking even though calendar apps are now popular like Google calendar. We have prepared a few steps below so that you can make your calendar.

1. Choose a Template

There are a lot of amazing and beautiful calendar templates above that you can choose and be yours for eternity. You can choose calendar templates created using graphic design software tools like Excel, Powerpoint, and Microsoft Word. But it is more convenient and easy for you to choose any of your desired templates above and edit it on compatible software.

2. Customize your Photos

After choosing a template, you can insert photos that you want. To make it more special and look more customized, you can place different photos in different months. Your project or event calendar will look good if the photos you will be inserting will suit the purpose of your calendar. For example, you may create an editorial, holiday, or academic calendar.

3. Insert Events

Your calendar now has the months, dates, and years, so it is time to insert your personal, school, or business schedules. Make sure that you have placed the event on the right date and month to avoid confusion. Also, make your fonts are readable so that even with just one glance to the calendar, you can immediately determine the monthly, weekly, or daily schedule.

4. Decide the Size

The calendar's size matters since it will affect where you will display the calendar. If you want to hang your calendar on a wall, then the size should be 11” x 8.5, 12” x 12”, and 8.5” x 5.5”. For poster calendars, it will be 8.5” x 11”, 27” x 39”, and 11” x 17”. Desk calendars are 21 x 12,5 cm.

5. Print or Export your Calendar

It's up to you if you want to print or store your editable calendar on your devices. If you are making a printable calendar, it will be good if you will print it using high-quality paper and ink so that the quality of your calendar will remain. You can also store your calendar in your PCs and use it as slides or desktop wallpapers.

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