Greeting Cards Templates in Outlook

Produce Foldable Greetings Cards with Free Samples in Our Printable Layouts Come Complete with Backgrounds, Text, Images, Vectors, Borders, and More. Quickly Create Cards for Various Events or Holidays, Such as Weddings, Christmas, and Birthdays. You Can Download Our Editable Greeting Cards for Different Platforms, Such as Apple Pages and Microsoft Outlook.See more

    Greeting cards are one way of showing your appreciation for a friend’s birthday, marriage, or any other monumental occasion under the sun. They are personalized, decorative, expressive, and themed according to the event. Moreover, they are composed of a short, heartfelt greeting to the recipient, usually accompanied by presents or flowers. It is commonly enclosed in an envelope to maintain the quality of the card.

    If you have no time to spare for making a handmade greeting card, then take a look at our catalog of creative greeting card templates that are perfect for any event. Christmas Day, Valentine’s Day, Black Friday greeting cards, and many more, collated for your convenience. Our templates are customizable, which means you can spice things up with your flair. Add photos, change its fonts, and modify its content to your liking. You can download our well-designed templates with Outlook or any file formats like Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator, Apple Pages, Microsoft Publisher, and Adobe Photoshop. We give you the freedom to customize in whatever file type you prefer. These are some of the perks of downloading our templatesthey make the job done fast and easy.

    Once you completed the card-making, print the card. Use a cardstock with the appropriate thickness to avoid flimsiness. Don’t forget to enclose the card with an envelope to maintain its neat appearance and quality. Don’t forget to stop by our website the next time you come searching for a template that’s fit for the celebration.


  • What is greeting card's purpose?

      A greeting card is created to send a written form of goodwill towards acquaintance, friends, and family. Its users can use it to send a personalized message to their loved ones during special occasions.

  • What makes a good greeting card?

      1. A good greeting card visually represents the occasion its made for. 
      2. It should have the relevant pictures and images for a holiday.
      3. The greeting card should have the optimum size for portability.
      4. It should have high-quality stationery.
  • Why make a greeting card?

      Greeting cards have always been considered a traditional way to express goodwill, especially during festive occasions like Christmas and Thanksgiving. If you wish to make your friends and family feel special, you can rely on a greeting card to accomplish this.

  • What can you use to create a greeting card?

      You can use several graphic design applications to create a greeting card. Applications like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, and Outlook can offer you the dedicated tools to design and create your very own greeting cards.

  • How are greeting cards different from postcards?

      Postcards are a type of letter; however, they are sent without an envelope. Postcards are typically made of thick stationery. Greeting cards are usually used to send greetings to loved ones. They are customizable, and they contain visual designs relevant to the occasion.