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How To Create A Corporate Identification Card In Adobe Photoshop

An ID card is a printed document card that is used to identify one's identity who partakes in an organization, club, or an establishment. Aside from identity purposes, ID cards are a great tool in increasing one's establishment's security. Crafting one would take much of your time, that is why we offered above an ID card templates that are ready-made, so feel free to check on our templates. Moreover, we included a guide on how you can create an effective and efficient ID card.

1. Choose Your Editing Application

Your editing application plays a significant role in the actualization of your ID card. In choosing the best editing application for your use, pick the program that would cover your editing needs. Adobe Photoshop offers a user-friendly editing feature. It's easy and fast for you to use, especially for vector designs. If you choose to pick on our ready-made ID card templates above, all of them can be access in .psd template file format.

2. Determine The ID Card's Size

There are different available ID card sizes that you can use in your card layout. However, we suggest that you'll pick the standard format for ID cards. The usual standard size for an ID card is an ID-1 or CR80. Its dimension would run at around 3.375″ x 2.125″ (85.6 mm x 54 mm). Also, you have to decide on the card's orientation for your use, whether you want a portrait or landscape orientation. Picking the right size and orientation for your ID card determines the amount of design object that you want to incorporate to your ID card design.

3. Layout Your ID Card

In formulating your ID card's design, it doesn't need to be straight formal, plain, and simple. Still, you can integrate creativity while you layout your card. Choose a high-quality design element that will fit your ID card. For brand awareness purposes, you can also incorporate your ID card's design to your brand's design scheme.

4. Transfer Your ID Card's Content

After formulating your ID card's aesthetic look, you can now start determining the necessary content for our card. Include the vital details for your ID card such as the name of the employee, contact details, ID number, and signatory. Additionally, you have also to include adding a high-end security feature for your ID card. There are a lot of numerous ways to make your ID cards more safe and secure like adding holographic overlays, magnetic stripes, or security barcodes.

5. Review And Print Your Identification Card

When you already had the necessary details and the card's aesthetic look, you can now start the review stage for your ID card's content. Then, after finalizing the vital edits, it is now the time for you to produce a copy for your identification card. Pick the best print quality for your card. Since most of the ID cards are produced in a plastic PVC, ABS and Composite PVC, it is best if you visit your local print shop for better print quality. The print professionals can give out their best suggestions in terms of the print-quality that is necessary for your card.

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