We journey when we travel, and for every good place we have been, we either take something with us, or we leave something good behind. Travel invoices are things that we get as we travel around the world. Invoices record all our travel deals and transactions, be it a personal journey or business trip. Whether you’re a travel agent or you’re running a travel agency, you will need our ready-made travel invoices templates. These files are easily editable and 100% customizable in all versions of Microsoft Excel. From our list of travel invoice templates, we offer you 100% satisfaction since all these are content-ready and print-ready. You can achieve your desired output in just a few minutes, anytime, anywhere. Don’t miss the chance to download any of our travel invoice templates in Microsoft Excel today for free! 

How to Create Travel Invoices in Microsoft Excel

Travel invoices are source documents for business travel accounting. These types of invoices serve as tour travel payment receipts. They help manage and record all the travel sales, transactions, expenses, and bill tours a travel agent makes with his/her clients.

The need to create travel invoices across the globe is increasing. In fact, the US Travel Association has recorded a total amount of $327.3 billion of direct spending on business travel both by domestic and international travelers, including expenditures on meetings, events, and incentive programs (ME&I) in 2018. With this, we highly regard your need to produce travel invoices for business travels and to accommodate your clients of any business deals and transactions.

With the help of our ready-made travel invoice templates, it made it easy for you to get your job done smoothly and efficiently. To help you with that, we have provided you a few steps on how to create travel invoices in Microsoft Excel:

1. Choose a Travel Invoice Template

Recording business travel deals are made easy with the use of our ready-made travel invoice templates. From a wide selection of editable invoice templates on our website, choose which template to download. A sample of travel invoice templates awaits you, like a blank travel invoice template, so grab the chance while it’s still free.

2. Use Microsoft Excel to Edit and Personalize the Template

The use of Microsoft Excel made it more accessible for you to customize the templates. Excel is a typical spreadsheet program that can be downloaded for free online. This sheet is used to create grids of numbers, texts, and formulas that specify calculations. It helps your business to record income, expenditures, budget plans, data chats, and present fiscal results. Use Microsoft Excel in editing and customizing your travel invoice template/s.

3. Make a Detailed Travel Invoice Format

The travel invoice format should be drafted thoroughly, and it has to contain relevant details. The information may include your traveling agency's name, address, and contact details. Include the customer's full report, including the full name, address, and contact details. Also, you may generate a unique invoice number.

4. Write Descriptions of the Travel Services & Mention Payment Terms

Descriptions are needed for each traveling service enjoyed and carried through. They make things more transparent for accounting purposes. Additionally, you have to mention the terms of payment, if the transaction is done in cash, in a cheque, or through bank account transfers.

5. Add a Company Name and Logo

The company name and logo make transactions more legitimate. They should be incorporated in a document to gain trust and loyalty from your clients and customers. Make sure to add a high-quality logo. In doing that, avoid copy and pasting images that you have you downloaded directly from your website. Try to incorporate a logo image from your personal computer to avoid adding pixelated ones.

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