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How to Make IT/Software Brochures in Adobe InDesign (AI)?

When it comes to running an IT or software business/company, remaining and overcoming the market competition is an all-time pressurizing point. Therefore, using well-made brochures for marketing your brand can help in generating interest of your target audience into your products and services.

As explained on a page from, a brochure is a kind of printed marketing material (similar to a flyer) that’s cheap to make and versatile in use. Though, if you need some guidance on how to create one using InDesign, then check out our quick tips below!

1. Set Up a Base Layout

Boot up InDesign and open a new file or template. To start, go with a landscape format for your document’s orientation layout. Then, leave a margin along the border for the print bleed and plan out fold sections for your brochure’s pages.

2. Match the Brochure’s Looks to Your Software Offers

After setting up your brochure’s base layout, you should decide on what kind of visuals to apply. For a brochure used in promoting IT/software products and services, some professional photos of computers and other similar technology would go best. You should also consider artwork/illustrations with a sleek and modern-looking design.

3. Compose Some Interesting Dialog

It takes more than just a presentable look for your brochure to do its job. It’s time to start drafting the written content. Having good grammar and a solid writing structure is good. You need to get creative if you want your words to leave an effect on the target audience. Therefore, mixing in some charming taglines and catchphrases can help. To help aid your writing skills, use a thesaurus and other similar resources. Good content always complements the artworks, graphics, and other elements added to the brochure.

4. Double Check Your Material

Now that you’re done drafting your brochure, you need to go over the whole thing and make sure everything is in order. Also, print out some test samples before you start making more for distribution.

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