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How to Make an IT/Software Newsletter?

it and software newsletter template

From productivity applications to online cloud services, there’s plenty of different software technology to keep track of. However, with the help of topic-relevant newsletters, you can keep your target audience aware of the goings-on within the IT field.

As explained by smallbusiness.chron.com, a newsletter is an affordable medium for informing subscribers through a regular schedule. If you’re new to this field, then read through our tips (below) on composing a newsletter in minutes!

1. Prepare Resources Beforehand

Before you start working on the newsletter itself, it’s better first to gather all the material you need for it. Compose the written content in a simple text document and save images that are relevant to your article. Since you’ll be writing about IT technology, then art/photos of computers and software are good to start with; you can also use pictures of a product that you might be talking about in the newsletter.

2. Properly Format Your Document

With your materials ready to use, open a blank document in your preferred editing software. You need to format the layout of your newsletter before inserting the details, so start off by choosing the size of your document (A4 or US size) and set its orientation (landscape or portrait). Newsletter typically comes in portrait orientation, but landscape-type is also viable, depending on what you’re going for.

Next, set the margin of your document’s borders. A newsletter should have a bit of flair, so apply a border color too.

3. Insert Your Newsletter’s Content

The main title of your document needs to pop out from the rest of the content, so make sure to give it a large font size and standout color. The title is usually aligned in the center, but aligning it to the left or right can also work; remember to make it noticeable and catchy. After that, input the article’s publication date, volume number, and issue number--align them on the left and/or right.

Now, go ahead and paste in the main content. Next, set the layout of your content to a column format--three columns is the best option of all time. If you’re going for more than one page, then don’t forget to set the column format for the following pages too!

4. Add Some Imagery

After you manage the essential aspects, it’s time to jazz up your newsletter a bit. Take the images you prepared earlier and insert them into your newsletter; you can place them in-between paragraphs, next to your title, or have your text wrap around them. Besides that, you can also add borders between columns and insert graphic designs throughout your newsletter.

And with that, your newsletter is now ready to mail out to customers or subscribers! For some professional samples of software-focused newsletters, have a look at our customizable IT/Software Newsletter Templates!

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