With computers and information technology being part of today’s norms, we can’t imagine how life would be without it. Getting work done has become easier thanks to computer applications. But just like any company, IT and software industries need policies to keep everything in order within the organization. If you need to create one, we have IT and Software Policy Templates in Google Docs below. You’ll save yourself a lot of time since these templates already come with original content that’s professionally written. Don’t settle for less when it comes to company policies, subscribe to our templates today! 

How to Create an IT and Software Policy in Google Docs

According to the website, Bizfluent, businesses having policies can be compared to societies having laws. Both policies and laws govern and create order. If you need to make a policy for your IT and software company, feel free to refer to our list of tips below for help.

1. Identify the Company’s Agenda

This agenda refers to issues within the company that needs to be addressed. This agenda serves as a reference for the policies. Gather details and check for any active directories, old procedure manuals, and existing group policies. If there are, use it as the basis for making an updated company policy.

2. Write an Outline of the Policy

Since policies and procedures are legal documents, writing one requires utmost care and presence of mind. This is why writing an outline first is greatly recommended. This will not only keep your content focused on the agenda, but it will minimize the risks of committing mistakes.

3. Ensure that Supervisors Review and Verify the Outline

Another way to ensure that your content is correct and is addressing the agenda is by having it reviewed by your supervisors. Even though everything in your outline is correct, supervisors might want to add more information to the policy.

4. Stick to the Standard Policy Format

Whether or not you’re using Google Docs to create your company policies, what’s important is that you stick to the standard format. One example is using “must” or “will” in the content instead of “should,” and italicizing words that require emphasis instead of underlining them. If you don’t know the standard format, read about it on the internet.

5. Get Your IT and Software Policy Approved

Last but not least, get your policy approved by the management. Even though your supervisors have already reviewed and verified the outline, obtaining their approval is still a must to fully legalize your policy. If there are sections that require their signatures, politely ask them to sign over their names.

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