How to Create a Legal Incorporation Document

Legal incorporation is a term used to describe a process of forming a new corporation. The term corporation, however, has different types that may vary depending on its purpose. It can be a business, a non-profit organization, a sports club, or an administration of a new city or town. Basically, as you legally incorporate your small business, you filed the articles of incorporation (also known as “certificate of incorporation” or a charter), listing all the necessary requirements such as purpose, name and address, amount and types of capital stock, as well as the rights and privileges of the holder of each class of stock.

As a legal person, a corporation is artificially considered to be a legal entity with certain legal rights that existed separate and apart from those who made and managed the business.

Most businesses, especially small ones, incorporate their business because of the certain advantages such as unlimited life and easy transfer of ownership through the transfer of securities. However, business owners are also aware of the advantages of filing of articles or certificate of incorporation which includes the annual fees and the requirement of periodic filings with the state.

Planning to incorporate your small business today, but having a hard time creating a legal document? Stop worrying! We’ll give a few tips on how to create any legal documents you need in Google Docs.

1. Makeup Your Mind

In incorporating your business, you have to be sure of the documents that you need. Are you looking for a checklist pre-incorporation agreement document? A certification of doing business documents? Or, is it a certificate of incorporation? Whatever documents you have in mind, remember that we have all the things that you need.

2. Template.Net Offers You Everything

Go to to access the legal documents that you need for your business. We offer you a variety of legal documents for your business to be incorporated. Each template is easily editable, 100% customizable, and printable. They are professionally written by our writers to help you with the words or statements.

3. Edit With a Peace of Mind

No need to stress yourself out because we do all the hard works for you already. All you have to do is edit the appropriate details like the names, date, and other relevant information.

4. Review For a Thousand Times

We mean it when we said that you have to review your documents a thousand times before filing. Correct the spelling and check the grammar that you are using because that will probably acquire the best impression. Highlight your business and the purpose of incorporating it.

5. Legally Comply All the Requirements

When a state asked you to comply with all the legal requirements, make sure you to follow them strictly. It’s for your business to be incorporated besides, so you should have to make the most of what your business needs to have a legal personality and legal rights.

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