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The submission of portfolios has changed the game of recruitment. If you are still a student and you have no work experience to back you up when applying for part-time jobs, a portfolio of your school works can convince your prospective employer to take a chance on you. As a graphic designer, submitting a portfolio of your best designs to your potential clients will possibly get you signed on the spot. Or, if you apply for writer positions, you must also send a portfolio of quality write-ups to support the contents of your resume.

So, if you want to increase your chances of getting hired, what you need is a professional and yet creative presentation of your previous works. And for that, you would need our Portfolio Templates in Publisher. Using any of our templates gives you access to portfolio samples with a ready-made design, layout, and suggestive content.

To make any of these templates personal, all you need to do is key-in your information, and you are ready to go ahead and print it for distribution. What’s even great about the templates that we have here is that these are all specially made to be editable in Microsoft Publisher. So, if you have proven skills and expertise using this software program, you can customize our templates in no time. Another time-saving feature these templates have is they are downloadable, viewable, editable, and shareable from any device. Save yourself some time by downloading any of our portfolio templates today!