You could advertise or promote your business anytime and anywhere; it's just a matter of taking chances. A rack card is another way to advertise along with the others. It is very efficient especially in places with great foot traffic, which means that rack cards must be placed in areas with great people coming over or passing by. Looking for a multitude variety of rack card templates? is the place to go. Discover high-quality, professionally written, and customizable rack cards template available in Microsoft Publisher format. To get more personalized template-making features, just subscribe to any of our affordable billing plans now!

What Is a Rack Card?

A rack card is a document that is used in commercial advertising more often in convenience stores, restaurants, hotels, tourist spots, landmarks, schools, and other places with a notable number of people. It usually comes in 4 by 9 inches size containing impactful graphic layout and design. Rack cards are placed in specifically made racks or countertops for easy access by people. Also, rack cards contain significant information on the purpose it serves.

How to Make an Effective Rack Card

School rack cards and hotel rack cards have different purposes; however, both rack cards promote something. It is very popular in lobbies, libraries, and showrooms, rack cards can be in exhibits and trades as well. This is very cheap in production and is very popular in marketing. Here are the steps in making an elaborate or minimalist rack card.

1. Pre-editing

Before starting your rack card, think about what you will advertise or promote. You could promote entertainment, events, travel, or recreation. Also, you could advertise businesses, products, and food. Even promoting for a nonprofit meeting or cause, using a rack card still counts. A rack card is a very versatile document. Just round up every idea you have and you're good to go to start a rack card.

2. Go to Microsoft Publisher

We want everything to come in handy because we want to get our work done as soon as possible. Being in a business, you must not miss out on every single opportunity. To meet your document needs, always turn to what's familiar. Microsoft Publisher comes first on the list in customizing, editing, and layout needs. Along with the others, Microsoft Publisher is the most simplified desktop software to be used in making rack cards.

3. Choose Your Rack Card Template

There's a significant amount of template available in Microsoft Publisher. Picking your rack card template will partly depend on your personal taste; however, the deciding factor in choosing a rack card template greatly depends on its purpose. Since there's a lot of things you can print on a rack card, like promotional offers, upcoming events, information about products or services, vouchers, discount coupons, contact details, gift certificates, directions, or anything else that helps create consciousness and sales, choose a template that represents your purpose well.

4. Edit the Rack Card

You can unleash your creative side and depend on your own aesthetic when you edit your modern rack card template; however, keep it relevant to the purpose of your modern rack card. Do not sacrifice your content to make way for your aesthetic satisfaction. Make an ample space for texts. Though rack cards are straightforward in construction, you can print any text or layout with it. Don't forget to include in your business content and contact information.

5. Print the Customized Rack Card

To add to its appeal, rack cards are usually printed in gloss-coated paper to give sheen effects. Don't print your rack card on cheap papers. It must be created with compelling colors, engaging images, and short but convincing texts. All in all, print your business rack card that catches your potential customers' attention and makes them respond to your call.

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