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Let Design Your Travel, Construction, Fashion, Architecture, or School Magazine. Grab Our Downloadable Magazine Templates with Simple Magazine Layouts, Creative Covers, and Modern Overall Designs. Edit Your Template of Choice Using Microsoft Publisher. Like Microsoft Word, Customize Your Magazine with Ease. So, Get Any Magazine From Our Collection Today!See more

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  • Give quality content to your readers by making an informative magazine that showcases interesting articles and photos. Here at, you can help yourself save time and effort with our collection of ready-made magazine templates in Publisher. These templates are all high-quality, 100% customizable, beautifully-designed, and fully printable, they're the only resources you need even if your planning to issue a magazine on a daily or weekly basis. Additionally, these templates are easily editable in Microsoft Publisher, regardless of the version, which means you no longer have to worry about doing an upgrade. What more do you need? Start downloading a template now.

    How to Make a Magazine in Microsoft Publisher

    Save yourself the stress when creating a magazine, refer to our list of instructions below. Here, you'll learn how to make professional magazines effortlessly in Publisher.

    1. Decide on a Topic and Identify the Target Readers

    Before anything else, who do you think would be interested in reading your magazine? Your target readers will highly depend on what topic you're planning to talk about in your magazine. When deciding on a definite topic, try considering your area of expertise such as music, fashion, electronics, and many more. And from that data, you can gather information about people who are very much likely to read those topics.

    2. Open Microsoft Publisher

    Microsoft Publisher is a user-friendly desktop publishing application that's capable of making high-quality and very creative printed publications. Aside from magazines, Publisher is also perfect for creating marketing flyers or pamphlets, brochures, posters, and newspapers. To get started in making your magazine, simply open Microsoft Publisher, create a new publication, and then set up the initial layout.

    3. Think of a Title and Find a Cover Image

    Depending on what your topic is about, think of a title that's catchy but also relevant. Emphasizing relevance, your title has to be connected to what your magazine is about, and the same can be said with the image for the magazine cover. If you're planning to make a construction magazine, your title should at least incorporate construction terminologies and the cover image should be something that can easily be associated with the company. 

    4. Choose a Cover Article 

    Magazines need to have a specific article that's capable of drawing most of the attention of the readers, and this article should be placed up front. This is otherwise known as a cover article and it intends to discuss a topic that deserves to be put in the spotlight. With fashion magazines, for example, you can highlight the latest trends or some of the newly released apparel from well-known designers.

    5. Start Writing the Body Articles

    Writing a magazine is not easy, it may even take months if you're unable to supply the necessary content for the articles. Nevertheless, just make sure that you maintain relevance throughout your magazine, and you need to make sure that readers would continue flipping through the next pages. And once you're done writing the articles, don't rely too much on Publisher's built-in grammar and spelling checker, you need to proofread it yourself as well.

    6. Enhance by Adding Graphics

    It's never enough to have a magazine with a catchy cover. Yes, it might help in drawing attention from people, but the inner pages are the ones that are capable of keeping them interested. To enhance the design of your magazine, you simply need to add relevant and appropriate graphics. If you're planning to download and use stock images, just make sure to choose those that are not watermarked.

    7. Design the Magazine's Back Page

    Do not neglect the back page of your magazine, make a catchy design for it just like you made one for the magazine' cover. Some people look at the back of a book to get a brief overview of the story, they usually do it with magazines as well to understand whether or not the magazine might interest them. In addition to the compelling content, you can also use the back page for placing your contact details.