Banner advertising is one of the most effective ways to promote your products and services as well as to reach out to your target market; be it professional photography, outdoor activities, corporate accounting or whatever else you can think of. Create a banner ad in minutes with our wide range of 100% customizable Ready-made Banner Templates that can be downloaded instantly and compatible to edit in Microsoft Publisher. All templates come with creative image suggestions for better presentation with suitable fonts, colors, text, textures, backgrounds and more. They're high-quality, beautifully-designed templates that are tailored for business and brand-building. Be more creative in promoting your products and services when you utilize any of our Banner Templates in Microsoft Publisher by downloading today!

How to Make Banners in Publisher

Are you a travel agency wanting to show off the modern accommodations in your flights? Do you own a food company that’s trying to advertise your perfect snacks and refreshments for a summer party? You can do all that and more with Microsoft Publisher and our templates!

1. A Library of Banners Made for You!

Go ahead and start off by perusing our abundant set of Ready-made Banner Templates; you won’t have to worry about being short on choices with the number of templates we have up for offer. We’ve organized our diverse catalog to keep your browsing experience nice and convenient, filling it with informative thumbnails that each show you a small preview of a template and its name underneath.

2. Get a Better Look to Help You Decide

Is there a magazine banner ad that might have caught your interest? You can find out more details about each template by clicking on its corresponding thumbnail to open up its own page in a fresh tab on your web browser. Head over to the template page and you’ll see a small collection of preview shots to your left; you can click on any one of them to go into an enlarged view of each image. To the right, you can see a list under ‘Template Details’ that contains different bits of information regarding the template’s file (color model, available format sizes, DPI resolution, etc.); you can click on ‘More Details’ to view the whole list.

Have you chosen a banner template to use yet?

To download your banner design of choice, click on the rectangular download button in the template page, above Template Details. Just follow some quick steps and you’ll have your new template saved to your storage.

3. Get Your Hands on Microsoft Publisher

If you don’t have Publisher available for your use yet, you can simply drop by the online Microsoft Office store and register to one of their monthly subscription plans. You can also try out Publisher for free by taking advantage of Microsoft’s free trial offer for 7 days.

4. Fire up Microsoft Publisher and Start Editing

Do you have your template downloaded and Publisher ready to go? Awesome! Microsoft Publisher is the perfect type of software for putting together publicized reading material, so this will be a breeze to do.

Open up the template file and start replacing the placeholder text, removing any excess that you won’t be needing. When drafting the dialog for your ad, it helps to come up with some witty and endearing lines to help keep the reader engaged with taking in your material. Don’t forget to mimic the style and color of the prewritten font, as to keep the banner’s overall presentation looking snazzy!

Microsoft Publisher gives you the ability to add your own pictures to the design template, so go ahead and insert whatever images that would be required to help in your advertising.

5. Ready to Show Off

After the finishing touches, save your work and the new banner is ready for publication. With the help of Microsoft Publisher and our gorgeous templates, making magazine ads is no sweat!

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