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Lists are practical tools that will help you follow specific processes, remind you of your to-dos, and so much more. Although lists need not have over-the-top designs, you can still do so if that's what you prefer. Our List Templates that you can easily edit in Microsoft Publisher have been created to help you achieve a comprehensive and aesthetically pleasing output. Aside from its well-categorized format and contents, these templates have well-designed layouts and background designs. With the help of its easy-to-edit and print-ready features, you can immediately fill our templates with the right contents. Download our free printable Lists Templates in Microsoft Publisher now!

How to Make Lists in Microsoft Publisher

Lists are present in our everyday lives. We list things to remember these tasks. In your job, you want to list down your tasks in a checklist and check the points as you finish it. In your everyday household responsibilities, you may want to make a list of your finances. Go through the list as you pay off your expenses for your utilities and essentials for each month. This list can also come with a food list, a record of the possible meals for the week to provide a heads up for everyone in the house. Lists are simple and easy to do, and they are highly useful with how we live every day.

1. Determine What it is For

There are a lot of uses for lists. Lists are references in completing tasks, making sure that everything is covered. It is an essential tool in organizing grand events such as school reunions and destination weddings. To-do lists are also helpful in mundane tasks such as in Christmas or grocery shopping and packing for a summer camping.

2. Prioritize

It is essential to list down all the activities that are needed to complete a specific task. Prioritizing tasks can help in efficiently completing a job. In packing for an extended vacation, you can list down all the things you need to bring and prioritize the essentials like medicine, travel itinerary, and toiletries. Prioritizing is easy. Physically jot down all your ideas and then weigh its importance afterward. You need to give it time and effort. This list will, in turn, aid you in enjoying a hassle-free vacation.

3. Categorize

Categorizing tasks is also one way to do things efficiently. You can list down your targets and clump together the similar once or those that you can do at the same time. In bucket lists, you jot down activities, extreme sports, and once in a lifetime activities that you want to do at least once in your life. You can name all the activities and categorize those that are achievable in one destination. Categorizing can also be helpful in grocery shopping. You can clump together the meat products, have a separate list for vegetables and fresh produce. Do not forget to collect your commercial invoices after shopping. These files can also help you with organizing. 

4. Make it Short and Specific

Lists are mainly for organization; to keep things in order. Ideally, points in a list should be short, specific, and self-explanatory. Writing targets this way takes less effort into thinking about it. Additionally, making a list concise also makes it direct and straightforward. This technique is also helpful in making other organizing tools such as planners and daily calendars.

5. Include Short Descriptions if Needed

There are instances when some points have various specifications. You can include short descriptions for each task. For example, when you are out to buy a wedding gift. You can include in your list the specifications of the product you want to buy, such as the model if it is a gadget or piece of appliance. Furthermore, you can also include a price range if you are watching your budget costs.