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Looking for a job is quite challenging, and creating a basic resume is pretty much the same. If you just happen to know how to make one, then you surely have the edge among other applicants. A resume can either make or break your career opportunity, so do your best!

There are several custom resume templates in Microsoft Publisher, making your tasks a lot easier. Aside from custom resumes, you can also make modern resumes Microsoft Publisher since a modern resume comes with your job application requirements. Create the best resumes with us, and may the odds be in your favor!

How to Create an Impressive Resume in Microsoft Publisher

A resume has to be well-prepared and well-thought-of; hence, it has to be comprehensive and it should include all the answers for the "what's in it for me" question.

1. Open Microsoft Publisher

As soon as you turn your computer on, and thought of a brilliant resume, launch the Microsoft Publisher located on your home screen or you may search for it on Windows. Microsoft Publisher helps a lot when making a basic resume, which are important documents to present in a Resume.

2. Create Your Resume

The first thing you have to do is to open the "File" menu, then click on "New" to create a new file. Before you begin creating your resume, think about the company you are applying for. Research on their background and, of course, their desired qualifications. More importantly, this will make the impression that you are interested to work with them because you gained sufficient knowledge about them.

3. Choose Your Template

If you perhaps run out of ideas on what format to use or which of the samples you look for works, then select on the "Resume templates" drop-down menu. Choose the best resume template either of your choice or which is more appropriate to the job you are applying for. Choosing a template needs to be well thought out. If you want to stand out amongst other applicants, choose the most professionally appealing one.

4. Make It Your Own

Once you've clicked on the resume you chose, begin by adjusting the fonts, repositioning the details, or just keep it as is. Make sure to fill out all the blanks. Everything is already made for you; take advantage of it and make your task easier. If you wish to add additional details, you may. It would also be better to go beyond templates and be genuine on your resume.

5. Appreciate Your Little Things

It is a common misconception that if you were able to receive academic awards, you should prioritize them in putting on your resume. On the other hand, not everyone had the chance to have received an academic award; some received certificates of recognition, completion, or appreciation. For instance, you have with you a appreciation certificate for attending an international research congress; then, that would be an advantage for you especially when you apply as a teacher.

6. Proofread Your Work

As soon as you are done with everything, it would be best to review your formal document. Make sure to check on your spelling and grammar. Submitting a resume with numerous misspelled words and grammatically flawed sentences would give a bad impression to your employer. They might think you're an ineffective communicator or lazy because it shows that you didn't even mind checking your work.

7. Save Your File

Finally, it's time to hit the "Save" button. Go to the "File" menu, then click on the "Save as" tab and choose a domain. Microsoft Publisher has been very efficient in helping us create documents to the point that it has reached a 99% user satisfaction guarantee. It has even garnered more than 50 thousand shares on LinkedIn, more than a million followers on Twitter, and more than 2 million likes on Facebook.

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