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What Is a Book Cover?

If ever you are wondering what cover pages are for, it is usually a more sturdy page placed around the book to primarily protect its pages. Secondly, one of the various reasons why a book needs a book wrap is to help the readers recognize it. A book cover page contains pieces of information that you can't find inside the pages. The major information that you can find on the cover page includes the title of the book, its author, and the number of its edition. If a book has no cover page, not just the readers will have a hard time recognizing it; without a cover, the book will not set expectations for the audience, and it will mislead its readers. Nowadays, there are creative book covers or known as book wraps that serve as a jacket for the main book cover. The purpose of having a book jacket is similar to a book cover; however, you can detach the book jacket from the main book cover when not in use.

How to Make a Book Cover

First of all, you have to ready yourself when you commit to a task. You need to prepare the best document editing software out there. Carefully list down the things that you need to do and the materials that you must have. When choosing a desktop publishing application, never settle for a low-quality software. We recommend using Microsoft Publisher, though there are other applications available in the market, MS Publisher is one of the most popular ones because it is user-friendly and easy to familiarize. Don't have any second thoughts because we prepared tips that will teach you how to make a printable book cover with the software.

1. Draw a Temporary Layout of Your Book Cover

To gain more confidence in creating a modern book cover is for you to make make a temporary illustration. You can go all out with this since it is just temporary. Make sure that you draft the temporary design as to how you visualize the cover. But don't get too caught up with your creativity because there are things to consider. First, know what topic your book is all about. Then, make a list of related elements that are relevant to the book's topic. It may include colors, figures, symbolisms, font styles, and the title. With your temporary draft, you can make alterations as you want to. Arrange everything aesthetically.

2. Work with a Professional Graphic Artist

Regardless of your graphic design knowledge, it is helpful to consult an expert. If you're done with your temporary draft, you can show it to a professional artist and talk it down. You could ask for suggestions about what fonts and colors to use or where to place this and that. Doing so ensures that the two of you are able to come up with a creative book cover that's sure to sell. Incorporate your personal taste to the artist's professional suggestion; at the end of the day, the author knows the book better than any other.

3. Launch Microsoft Publisher on Your Desktop

Microsoft products are one of the best and most user-friendly. We recommend, along with other desktop publishing applications, to use MS Publisher as you craft your book cover. It's easy to familiarize and guarantees a high-quality output. It has built-in templates that you can use as well.

4. Select a Book Cover Template; Fill In the Template

If ever you opt to look for a template rather than using the templates in MS Publisher, get acquire an editable book cover template from a trusted source. Be meticulous with your template to make that you will come up with a high-quality output. Also, choose a template that's relevant to your book. Your book cover template must be interesting enough to catch the eye of your audience. Moreover, its layout and design must appeal to people's emotions.

5. Proofread and Make Everything Correct

When you're done with the design aspects, go over your book cover and make sure that there are no errors in spelling and information. Making everything correct makes your book cover look professional, and it will make people explore the book's pages.

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