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How To Create Resignation Letters In Apple Pages?

If you ended your employment properly through resignation letters, you'll probably not experience difficulty in applying for another position. Depending on the cause of resignation, your employer may help you out finding a new job. For instance, if your company is near bankruptcy and demands a force termination, they might give a recommendation for you to other companies.

This is also used as a formal form of application for retirement.

Resignation isn't the end part of your employment life. Thus, it introduces you to new opportunities. One requirement is to draft a good letter of resignation, but, what makes a letter good? It has to include all the information needed and should be presented in a professional writing tone. With that, we present to you some tips to achieve a well-written resignation letter.

1. Do Not Exceed To One Page

Your resignation is unlike your typical lengthy reports. Resignation letters are not written to state what you learned from the entirety of your employment or some pitfalls that you experienced with the company. This may be a paper written for personal reason but this document helps you convey to your manager your formal notice of resignation.

2. State Your Resignation Statement

Instantly state your purpose and that is to resign. No more emotional introductions needed. Be clear and concise. Your statement should include the position you're leaving, the company and the date of effectiveness.

There are cases that immediate resignation is allowed but mostly, there is given time allotment depending on the set agreement made by both the employee and the employer. Make sure that all your pending works are finished within or before your last day of employment.

3. Include The Time Extension Notice

Don't rush if not needed. You have to give two weeks' notice or one-month notice for them to process and find your replacement especially if you are working for years and are already high-positioned. There are times that they will ask help from you to train your replacement in that time extension.

4. Convey Appreciation

This part includes the summary of your gratefulness for being a part of the company and to thank them for supporting you in your entire employment. Share to them the joy you felt while working with them.

Behind your resignation letter, is an appreciation letter. Do good with your writing because when you pass it or hand it to the designated officer, it will be kept as part of the HR form.

5. Offer Help And Assistance

When you resign, you follow a process. There are documents that need to be processed by the HR such as your compensation and benefits for the rendered service.

You state in your letter that if there is anything that you can offer for help, you'll be willing to take action in the extent of your capabilities. Also, in the company's future venture, conclude that you're a call away if they seek help from you.

6. Choose A Template Then Customize WIth Apple Pages

If you're too busy to make your own, take time to choose from the resignation letter options given above. Apple Pages has good tools that you can use in creating a well-written resignation with a professional look in it. If you have great hands with Pages basics, you'll not have a hard time customizing our templates being presented above.

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