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How to Make a Magazine Cover in MS Publisher

Magazine covers provide appeal to the public in anticipation of selling the content and brand of the magazine. The cover expresses and summarizes what the creative magazine is all about and for whom the magazine is for since it covers concepts for a specific target audience. A magazine cover often consists of a masthead, selling line, dateline, cover lines, and the main image with the model credit. The content of a magazine cover reflects the totality of the magazine, and it serves as the face of the magazine company for the time being. So here are some helpful steps in making a magazine cover in MS Publisher.

1. Study the Leading Competitors

There are already a vast number of magazine companies existing in the business industry, just like fashion, art, sports, photography, travel, health, science, beauty, makeup, music, food, and even schools. Every business can produce magazines to give the company's advertisers a chance to talk about their goods and services. It is an opportunity for the company to introduce to the public about its product and brand thoroughly and more intricately. There are many distinguished magazines that you can refer on to study and research about how to make an impeccable magazine cover. Some of the renowned magazines are Vogue, TIME Magazine, The Rolling Stone, Reader's Digest, Sports Illustrated, Empire, Elle Magazine, Seventeen, and many more. Study the magazines, depending on the type, to get a grasp of what to put and what not.

2. Pick the Righteous Model

The cover model plays a vital role in selling your magazine since it is the first thing that catches a potential reader's eyes. So, the model has to be striking and impactful to generate interest and desire to the public. Models do not consist of man and woman only; they are a representation of what the magazine consists. If the magazine is all about cars, then you can choose the latest Bugatti model to be the face of your magazine. If it is a game magazine, you can insert a new Xbox game character. Modern magazines also serve as a newsletter since it talks about what is fresh and on-trend of the month.

3. Create a Striking Masthead

In your MS Publisher, start making the magazine and resize the blank paper. The standard size of a magazine is 8 3⁄8 × 10 7⁄8 inches; however, the size still depends on the suitability of the content. First, insert the cover model. Then, start with the magazine's masthead. A masthead is the topmost part of the magazine cover; it includes the name and logo of the magazine, the title of the issue, the selling line, and the dateline. For the typography of the title, choose a striking one that fits well with the overall concept. It must be eye-catching and alluring for the potential readers to choose right away. Then, insert the company branding, which includes the company name and logo. It is advisable to have a uniform format with the following editions to build recognition and sure-buyers in the future.

4. Choose Powerful Cover Lines

The cover lines are the more exciting and intriguing articles inside the magazine. The standards of choosing an impactful cover line are the probability and the appeal of the public to read. There are two parts of cover lines; one is the main cover line and the cover lines. Choose an article that stands out the most in the magazine and use the article as the main cover line; the main cover line has to be more prominent. Then, pick 3–5 interesting articles as the cover lines. Then, insert the dateline, which is the month and year that it is published.

5. Flaunt the Magazine

After accomplishing the magazine, finalize everything and remove any unnecessary texts. Be mindful of the quality of the picture; it has to be in high-definition along with the texts. Then, save and print the magazine!

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