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Do You Need A Template To Make Your Doctor's Note Or Health Certificate That Your Patient Can Submit In School? Template.Net Has A Wide Variety Of Free, Editable And Printable Templates. You Can Download It In PDF. We Have A Lot Of Professional Designs. Visit Our Website And Download Now!See more

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  • Healthcare workers are always on the front lines every single day. They accommodate patients with various illnesses. Doctors record the patient's medical history and create patient files and reports. Nurses give hospital care and administer drugs to the patient. In between these tasks, they use a whole lot of templates to get the work done. If you're a healthcare worker and you need these kinds of templates, our website has a lot to offer. Just browse our collection of medical templates and take one that you need. 

    All of our templates are editable and printable in several file formats in Microsoft Word, Google Sheets, and Adobe InDesign. These come with a specific and comprehensive outline and sample content. You can use the samples as a guide when editing. If you need to come up with a bill template for the hospital, our medical bill receipts are available for download. We also have a nursing schedule template for the nursing department to use. The site offers business card templates for those who don't have one. Every design in our collection is easy to use for you. Just find the right template that suits your needs. 

    Save and convert your work to PDF before printing the templates. A PDF file is one of the safest forms of documents around. You can also customize our templates in our editor tool if you haven't downloaded them. The buttons in our editor tool are easy to use, so that's one less hassle for you. Complete your tasks by downloading our templates today!


  • What are the best free PDF readers?

      PDFs are easily accessible with any software or application; here are some of the most commonly used PDF readers are as follows:

      1. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
      2. Foxit Reader
      3. Google Drive
      4. Nitro Reader
      5. Javelin PDF Reader
      6. PDF-XChange Editor
      7. SumatraPDF
      8. MuPDF

  • What the medical templates available in

      The website has a wide selection of medical templates available in various file formats, including but not limited to PDF, Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, and Google Docs. Some of the said templates are medical invoices, health and safety plans, hospital or clinic business plans, patient care or treatment plans, medical analysis, and medical or nursing schedules.

  • Is PDF readable in Windows OS?

      Yes, PDFs are compatible with almost every operating system available. You can install PDF readers, like Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, to ensure you can access the file. But there are also other online websites with built-in PDF readers that you can use to read the information in PDF documents. 

  • How many templates that are in PDF format are available in

      Currently, the website has over 2,000 templates in PDF format. You can download plans, proposals, budgets, invitations, cards, and almost every document that you need in PDF format from the website. All the templates are editable, printable, and accessible using your preferred reader and device.