How to Make Movie Tickets in Photoshop

Our ability to produce films has been around for quite a while now. In fact, the first motion-capture camera was presented back in the late 1800s (according to Since then, a highly lucrative industry was born and continues to develop to this day. With the movie business still growing in its artistry and technology, it’s no wonder that it remains a staple in entertainment media.

Of course, for these films to reach a mass audience, a special kind of establishment needs to exhibit them—that’s where movie theaters come in! Even in our modern age of online media streaming, nothing beats the atmosphere that comes with sitting in front of a huge screen and enjoying your film-viewing experience with some tasty snacks.

To allow patrons admittance to your cinema, they need tickets. So, as our way of helping you produce some spiffy-looking stubs, try one of our Ready-Made Movie Ticket Templates! These designs are easy to edit and fully compatible with Adobe Photoshop, so you’ll get those tickets ready in a flash without the need for expert editing skills. Check out our handy tips below to find out more!

1. See Which Ticket Design Interests You

Have you browsed through our movie ticket samples yet? You’ll find a plethora of varied designs to choose from; we have ticket templates that have a vintage look to them and templates that have fun cartoon themes. Let out your creative eye to help you decide on a suitable design for your ticket stubs. If you’re having trouble deciding, then try considering if a template’s aesthetics can match up with that of your establishment’s.

2. Boot up Photoshop and Get Creative

After your new cinema ticket template is downloaded, it’s time to open Photoshop and get busy with editing the template’s design. We make sure to keep our samples easy to customize, so let your inner designer loose and see what you can come up with!

When it comes to the printed text of your ticket, you need to ensure that it’s easy to read; your stubs won’t be much use if people can’t figure out what they say. So, carefully pick the style and color of your font; if preferred, you can simply stick with the sample font that the template comes with.

3. Keep Your Ticket Looking Good

Once you’re done designing and writing your ticket, go ahead and take a small break before coming back to the template with a fresh eye. Check if you might need to rework it a bit and if there might be errors that you didn’t catch before. After all of that is done, remember to save your work.

4. Other Ways to Improve Your Theater

With your tickets ready to be printed and sold, try to think of other things that your cinema business can benefit from.

Cinemas typically have a snack bar or concession stand to accompany them. So, print out a nice table tent menu to help your movie-goers decided on something to eat.

There are also posters for showing off your move lineup. Print some large ones to display within your establishment and smaller copies to hand out or plaster around. Make sure not to get in trouble for soliciting or posting where you shouldn’t!

Whether you’re featuring an animated indie film or a live-action rom-com, our printable ticket templates can help you get ready for showtime!

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