Music will always be a pleasing sound to our ears. We'll never get tired hearing it from concerts, festivals, and other events. We love staying in places where music is played. We even sing along with the lyrics and invisibly drum the beat. Organizing a music event for music lovers? Prepare the admission tickets for them with our Music Ticket templates. Print copies of these ticket templates in 2 x 5.5 inches size and portrait and landscape orientation style, Each of the templates have customizable texts, colors, and images. It's time to have a music party and gain the benefits it brings to us!

What is a Music Ticket?

A music ticket is a person’s proof of having paid for his or her admission to a music event. It is presented at the venue entrance which is checked by the officer-in-charge.

How to Make a Music Ticket

Music has been part of our lives. It would be a great experience to be an audience in a music event. But to make that happen, tickets are necessary to be able to watch it. Give a music ticket as a birthday present to a person idolizing a band, singer, and music artists. If you are an organizing committee of a music event, below are the guide steps to make a meaningful music ticket.

1. Prepare a Ticket Template

Tickets come in different sizes depending on their contents and the desired size of the committee or organization producing the ticket. In your chosen computer software, layout the size of the document to the decided size of the ticket. This will make things easier for you later. You don’t have to worry anymore about fitting your ready-made contents to the ticket. Get our readily formatted music ticket templates above. They are sized in 2x5.5 inches and organized in portrait and landscape orientation style. They also come with suggestive text and design contents you can customize when you start downloading it for free now in your desired file format.

2. Assemble Details on the Ticket

For sure you have the music event details already before you even decide to make this ticket. Arrange them on the ticket. Ascertain to it that you have written the schedule and venue details, that this ticket may also function as a guide for the audience. Put down next the title of the music event. If this ticket os for a concert, include the names of the featured music artists. They are one of the reasons why people will be buying a ticket, so don’t cut their excitement by not putting their names on the ticket. If you are using a ticket template from us, you can instantly edit its suggestive texts and replace it with the music event details. You may also add valuable details, seat reservations. Classify where the audience will be sitting when they arrive at the venue. Do they belong to the general admission seats, patron, or VIP? Let the ticket be a seat location finder as well, so there will be an organized music event.

3. Mind the Graphics

The text details may be the most important content for the ticket, but it doesn’t mean they are what is just needed. Incorporate images of the artists or anything related to the event. Apply background color. Use your creative mind to stylize it into a modern ticket. One of the things you should also mind is the area that will be detached by the officer-in-charge. Place the broken lines accordingly. Make sure that the stub area of the ticket will be beautifully designed, so the audience can keep it as a remembrance of the event.

4. Choose the Paper Wisely

Part of the event marketing is the quality of the materials you will use for printing the tickets. Choose a paper that will maintain the legibility of the ticket details. The ticket may be bought long before the music event, so it should last until the day it will be officially used. You may also use the contents of this ticket for the event poster. Just adjust them for a larger material, then you may print them when ready. Make more outputs for your music events with our graphic templates. Get them for free anytime and anywhere!

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