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How To Make Notes In Google Sheets

There are many types of note-taking. It can be for school, business, or medical purposes. The way you take down notes will depend on the purpose since the formatting style, and the tone will differ if it is for business or school notes. Business and medical notes use formal format and tone while school notes will depend on the student. Jargon and unusual wordings or codings are used in writing notes. The words used in notes for businesses and medical setting are technical and scientific. For school notes, the words used are codes that will make the student easily remember certain information about the notes. If you want an easier way of taking down notes, our note templates are here to save you. There are also a few tips below that will help you with your note-taking.

1. Determine The Type Of Note

Notes have different types depending on where will it be used. The commonly used note types are a promissory note, study notes, case note, advice note, meeting notes, sop note, medical note,

, and many more. To be able to start on the right track of note-taking, determine the type of note you will be writing. It is because the format that will be used in your printable note will depend on the kind of note you are creating.

2. Gather The Data

Once you are done identifying the type of note, it is now time for you to gather the data you need to take down or summarize. Usually, note-taking will take place when the information are verbally spoken. This means that you need to be active and quick when you jot down notes. To be safe, write the notes first in a notebook or journal before writing it in a proper note. As for notes that are written, highlight the important keynotes, and do not write the entire words. For business and medical purposes of notes, keep your notes formal and concise.

3. Download A Note Template

For an easy life, why not download our note templates? We have an array of note templates that you can download that will suit the type of note you will be making. Our templates are properly organized and can be customized as long as you want. They also contain suggestive headings that will be a big help when you start writing the notes. We have a different type of notes such as project notes, promissory notes, company notes, and a lot more.

4. Insert The Information

Since you already have chosen and downloaded a note template, you will be now able to insert the information that you deemed noteworthy. The only thing you need to do is to add the words to its corresponding and appropriate place. For easy and smooth inserting of the information, use a checklist so that you will not forget even one important information.

5. Organize The Notes Using Google Sheets

Google Sheet is known for making a document organized and safe in case of losing the file. The software is perfect for note-taking since it has a feature that will organize different sheets depending on how you want to classify your notes. The good news is that our note templates are compatible and accessible in Google Sheets.

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