A resume is a file that provides an employer with a clear description of your previous work experience, education, and accomplishments—without it, it would be impossible for you to land in a job. If you're here because you're looking for a resume template that you can use to impress your prospective employer, then you've just landed on the right site. Don't hesitate to download our premium Nurse Resume Templates. Each of the templates presented below are 100% customizable, professionally-designed, and with a high-quality format. Editing is even a lot easier because these templates are accessible using any versions of Microsoft Word (.docx) and Apple Pages. So, what are you waiting for? Download now today!

How to Make Nursing Resumes in Apple Pages

The Bureau of Labor Statistics' latest job report showed that the healthcare system such as nurses has risen in the last 12 months by 403,000 workers, and they also predicted that the demand for nurses would increase by 36 percent by the year 2020. With such a high demand for nurses, take it as an opportunity to join the nursing organization. Lucky for you, we have created a step-by-step guide below that can help, especially those new grad or beginners are still applying on the entry-level. Scroll down below for the guideline.

1. Collect Information

Gather all the details you need in your document and list it all. If you want to make it more convenient, you may create a checklist for about it for you to ensure that there are no missing details that you forgot to include. Make a list of your summarized educational attainment, volunteer experience (if there are any), skills, awards, recognitions, and active contact details and arrange them later on according to its significance. If you're a registered nurse, the better.

2. Plan the Layout

If you want to make your resume more appealing than the others, then planning your layout is the best way to do it. Make sure your layout is clean, concise, and well-designed to attract the recruiter. If your resume is consists of two pages, make sure to divide it right or else it will only confuse your reader. But if you don't want to spend more time thinking and planning about the layout, then you may prefer to use and download our resume templates above and edit using Apple Pages on your iPhone or MAC devices.

3. Inscribe the Details

Now, this is where the checklist you've made on the first step comes in. Make sure to fill out every detail that you've set in your checklist on the actual output. Apart from your skills and achievements, don't forget to write a short statement about your objectives, for this will also be a great help in landing on the job you're applying to.

4. Insert an Image

If it's your goal to make your resume more engaging than the others, then it would be best to attach a photo of yourself. Yet, take note that in incorporating pictures into your resume, there are also guidelines that you need to follow, such as wearing decent attire, white background, and others. Make sure to follow every guideline because if you won't then, there's more than a 50 percent chance that you won't be accepted.

5. Save, Print or Send

Before saving your document, make sure to re-assess it first to assure that it's free from incorrect spellings, grammar, typography, and others. Once you're secure that it's already error-free, you may save the file on your device and send it later on to the recruiter. But if you choose to print it out, then select a laser-printing machine so that the quality won't be ruined.

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