According to the YouGov Omnibus's survey, 8% of people don't want to receive any physical copies or electronic copies of their receipts. However, this doesn't mean you're not going to provide your clients with receipts anymore after paying. Payment receipts are essential not only for your clients but for your business, too. You need receipts for the evaluation of your company's financial performance. And to save time in making receipts, choose from our collection of ready-made Payment Receipt Templates. These templates are 100% editable. These have professional layouts to reflect your company. What are you waiting for? Download a printable template today!

What Is a Payment Receipt?

A payment receipt is a document that serves as evidence that the client has made a full or partial payment to the service or product provider.

How to Create a Payment Receipt

Create a payment receipt that works and reflects your brand or company with the use of the tips below.

1. Incorporate Your Branding

Always start your receipt with your company's branding. Adding your company logo, address, and contact details will provide an identity to the receipt. Aside from that, if you have a professional letterhead, you can leave a good impression on your clients or customers.

2. Have a Simple Layout

Your sample receipt must be simple, like creating an invoice, an acknowledgment receipt, or other transaction documents. Simplicity doesn't always mean dullness, but it also shows you're a formal and professional company, school, or hospital. Additionally, a simple layout helps your clients a lot since they can quickly read the content.

3. Include the Customer's Details

To know the owner of the simple receipt, you must include the customer's details. The details can include the customer's name, company, contact details, and address. Additionally, don't forget to include the day when you transacted with the person or company.

4. List the Paid Services or Goods

Don't leave the description details on the cash receipt blank. Always include the list of services or products that the client has paid for. Include in your list the item description, quantity, unit price, and total amount of each service or product. This part will inform the client how you calculated the items he or she has paid for.

5. Input the Numbers

After listing all the services or goods, you must include the total amount the client paid for. Write how much the balance is if the client only a partial payment on the deposit receipt. You should add the tax and discount rates, as well.

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