How to Create a Sales Receipt in Google Sheet

We always received a sales receipt whenever we purchase anything — from the hotel businesses, restaurants, schools, car payments, and more. That is because a sales receipt is a piece of paper or sometimes an electronic document that stands as proof that a salesman has received the payment from the buyer. If you own a business, no matter how big or small, it is essential to issue a simple receipt to your customers. In this article, we will delightfully share with you some helpful steps on how to create a valid sales receipt perfect for any business. So, check out the remaining portion of this article.

1. Provide the Infomation

First of all, you have to provide all of the complete information to your receipt. Such information are the following: receipt number, your company's official logo, the date and time of the purchase, the total amount of products that were bought, and the Value-Added Tax or VAT charged. You may also state the payment method, whether it is through cash, credit cards, e-wallet, and others. You are authorized to add other relevant information to your receipt as long as it follows your company's protocol.

2. Use Google Sheets

Working with Google Sheets helps you achieve the output you have in mind. That's because this application lets you import, open, edit, and save documents and spreadsheets with just a few clicks. If you want to insert a table and charts and in your receipt so that they will look more organized, well that's not a problem! That's because Google Sheets lets you add tables and other elements that you want to have. And your file can easily be saved in your Google Drive and Dropbox. Isn't that incredible? Use this software now.

3. Opt to Use a Template

Downloading a ready-made printable receipt template will minimize your labor compared when you design from a blank canvass. Here in our site, you don't have to worry about anything for all of them can be easily edited and customize depending on the needs of your business. Download one now for free.

4. Make Changes

Nobody is perfect, but your blank receipt can be. You have to make sure that your receipt is entirely made and that means — no grammatical mistakes, proper alignment of words, readable fonts, and others. Make changes in case there are any errors. Consult any of your marketing or your trusted colleagues for their ideas or suggestions in case you still doubt your work.

5. Save and Distribute

Save your document in your PC or other online devices so that you can still use it for future use. After saving, print your receipts immediately so that you can start using them for your business. If you have an extra budget, you can print as many copies as possible. Make sure you are printing it on high-quality paper stock. And for the size of the receipt, ask your manager on what specific size you are going to pursue.

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