Every company or organization requires a proper workforce for it to thrive and function accordingly; to do this, a well-organized recruitment workflow is necessary. That’s why we’ve compiled a professional lineup of Ready-Made Recruitment Flowchart Templates for you to prepare in Google Docs! With our 100% customizable templates, you can save time in drafting an effective recruitment diagram! Each template is easily editable, available in both A4 and US letter sizes. Plus, every one of our flowchart templates is printable, making them suitable as convenient handouts. Download now and hire some promising new blood efficiently!

How to Make a Recruitment Flowchart in Google Docs

It can be tough to find good workers to take into your employment apprenticeship, and working out a good plan to do so presents its own challenges. However, with our plethora of Ready-Made Recruitment Flowchart Templates, you can compose an effective hiring process without breaking a sweat!

Are you trying to search for an editing program that’s convenient to use and takes little to no hassle in setting up? Look no further, as Google Docs is the solution that’s right for you! To find out how you can use Docs and our templates for your recruiting management, just read through our handy guide down below.

1. Sign up for Google Docs

Google Docs provides an easy and streamlined interface that’s familiar to anyone who’ve used a word processor before. To get your hands on Docs, simply sign up for a free Google account.

Once you’ve signed up, you automatically have access to using Docs (along with other useful tools from Google). To use this app, head over to google.com and click on the 3x3 grid in the top right corner of the page; you’ll want the icon of a blue document sheet that’s labeled “Docs.” The app works in your browser, so there’s no need to do any installing! Plus, Docs is available for Android and iOS platforms, allowing you to work on your templates whenever and wherever needed!

2. Choose and Download a Flowchart Template

To download one of our editable recruitment templates, click one of the featured thumbnails on this page to open the respective template’s page in a new browser tab. Go to the new page and use the provided download button to save the template file to your computer or device; just follow the simple steps that show up.

Before downloading, you can choose to learn about your chosen template by reading the “Template Details” section (to the right of the page); click “More Details” to expand the list. To the left, you can zoom in on the preview shots of your template by clicking on them.

3. Customize Your Flowchart Template

Now that you’ve downloaded your desired template to your computer/device storage, open the file in Docs and get to editing.

Making our flowchart templates fit your needs is simple, as all you have to do is replace the placeholder text with whatever that’s necessary for your work. Be sure to use an appropriate style and color for your font, keeping in mind that the content should be easy to read.

As you draft out your flowchart, pay attention to how the text bubbles succeed and correlate with one another; the reader needs to be able to understand the information instantly and follow the intended succession of steps.

4. Distribute to Your Team; Make Printed Copies If Needed

After you’re done putting together your flowchart and checking that Google Docs has saved your work (to your free Drive storage), send/email copies of the finished product to your recruitment team. You can also print some handout copies as handy reference sheets for team members to carry around.

Cut down on the hassle of drafting documents from scratch by using Google Docs and our customizable chart templates!

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