How to Make a Recruitment Flowchart in PDF

A recruitment flowchart illustrates the current recruitment process steps of a company. Human resource personnel finds this flowchart as a helpful tool to identify the areas for improvement in the recruiting process. It increases the efficiency and effectivity of every function in the HR recruitment department.

Social networks and media have been great platforms for helping employers with recruitment. In fact, 92% of employers and companies used social networks and media from the year 2010-2015 in the United States. They are just one of the many mediums for recruiting or hiring. Below is a guide on how to make a recruitment flowchart, which includes employing an effective platform for recruitment, using PDF software.

1. Document the Recruiting Process Flow

Observe an actual recruitment. Write notes about everything that happens during recruitment. Document the complete work rotation of the HR Recruitment. Consider meeting the recruitment team to discuss the workflow of your company’s employment process. This is for the team to build their standard HR process when it comes to recruitment. Through this elaboration, you can determine if there are any split path procedures for each process in the flow. Record all the possibilities for the split paths. Write the ways in addressing every respond and circumstance that may take place during recruitment.

2. Develop the Flowchart

Draw shapes that will represent every stage of the recruitment and selection process. Connect them with lines. Find these tools in Adobe’s menu pane. Construct the right number of shapes according to how many are needed to place all the recruitment process flow. Make sure that the lines are aligned to their designated places in the flow. Develop the flowchart the convenient way by downloading our free recruitment flowchart templates above. They are all accessible and editable in Portable Document Format (PDF) software. Enjoy it with its suggestive text and design contents. Add shapes if necessary.

3. Display the Flow on the Chart

Store the details of your company’s hiring process steps in their respective positions in the flow. Double click the shapes to insert your text contents. Distinguish their roles in the chart by applying the same shape or shape outline colors for all decisions, all recruitment processes, split paths, etc. Adjust the font styles and colors based on your preference, but make sure that it complements your shape or shape outline colors. Check the contents of the flowchart if they are as accurate as the details of the recruiting process flow you have documented earlier.

4. Disseminate the Process Map

Save the file of your accomplished flowchart in PDF. Print copies of this process mapping so you can distribute them to the rest of the HR recruitment team and inform the human resource about improvements in the recruitment flow. Or explain it through a presentation in your HR team meeting. Create more tools to meet the demands of the recruitment department of your company with our recruitment templates that are readily available in various file formats. Keep recruiting!

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