How to Create a Research Flowchart in PDF

Flowcharts are applicable whenever you make a case study, project, or research proposal. It's a chart that helps you produce an excellent research paper. And if in case you don't know how to create a Research Flowchart, you can follow the steps below. It's well-designed and well-written by our team for your convenience:

1. Brainstorm and Select Topic

This is the first step towards your research. You need to plan and select a topic. And when you have your problem, you can do background reading, more in-depth investigation, study more. So, include this process on your first step. Put this inside a shape of your choice.

2. Develop Search Procedure and Methodology

The next thing that you need to include in this step. All you need to do is to make a list of words for you to research. Make sure that these words are relevant to your topic. You also need to list questions that would answer your problem. Plus, write a raw outline as your guide.

3. Data Collection and Gather Materials

This step requires you to gather materials and legit resources you need to collect information, record, and data. You can use books, articles, and websites as a source of information. However, you may also use surveys, interviews, and questionnaires to support your details.

4. Assess the Resources

It is essential to evaluate your sources of information to support your claim and for your research to be factual without any false descriptions. You need to check the background of the author, balance the opinions, evaluate the reliability, legitimacy, currency, and reliability. This will make your research paper worthy of reading. So, don't forget to include this step on your flowchart.

5. Organize, Edit, and Review

Write down the information in a draft paper and organize the content by selecting the relevant information. Edit and review your content. Make sure that you have included the right and accurate information on your research paper.

6. Open PDF Software

Open Adobe PDF found on your computer. Utilize the tools provided and be confident to craft your design. You can also use shapes, lines, arrows, and colors for you to be able to produce an chart output.

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