How to Create a Photo Resume in Adobe InDesign

A photo resume is just like any other basic resumes or curriculum vitae. It is used as a summary of your educational attainment, work experiences, credentials, and accomplishments, but their only difference is that there is a photo attached to it. If you are a college graduate and you want to achieve the best eye-catching photo resume. Then kindly refer to our step-by-step guide below for we will show you some tips on how to make one with the help of Adobe InDesign.

1. Create a Draft

Before anything else, you have to create a draft on a sheet of paper about the pieces of information you want to include in your professional resume. You have to plan the resume format as well, such as the proper usage of margins, fonts, layout, and others. Creating a draft ahead of time will help you determine the things that you want to write on and at the same to avoid mistakes on the actual document.

2. Take a Photo

You said that you wanted to have a photo resume, right? In order to achieve that, you have to take a photo of yourself so that you can attach it to your resume template. There are many things to consider in taking a formal photo for professional uses. Such guidelines are the following: wear decent attire, a plain white background, strong eye contact and look in the camera straight, earrings and other accessories need to be kept in a minimum way, and others.

If you are a girl, it would be best to tie up your hair properly and then show your off best smile. Print it on a 2x2 size and attach it to your beautiful custom resume template.

3. Search For a Template Online

Here in Template.Net, we give you a high-quality modern resume templates that you can download for free. If you are looking for a photo resume, medical resume, one or two-page resume. then don't worry for we have prepared everything just for you. Just click on the template that you need and then customize it with the help of Adobe InDesign. With the help of InDesign, you can generate stunning documents with their easy-to-use tools which are easy to understand even for beginners just like you.

4. Double-Check your Document

Every applicant wants to impress their target employer. That's the reason why you have to double-check your document template to make sure that it has no mistakes. Remember that no matter how tiny the errors are, they will have a large effect on the position that you've been applying for. Proofread your work and make adjustments if needed or otherwise, your employer won't be impressed by your skills.

5. Save, Print, and Submit

Save your elegant resume on your PC or mobile phone to avoid data loss. Saving your output will also minimize your time from doing it all over again in case you want to apply for another company. Go to your nearest local printing shop and then print it. Make sure you use high-quality paper stock in printing your resume. Once it's done, submit your resume through the walk-in application or via email or social media.

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