Receipts and invoices have always been essential documents for businesses. They serve as records of transactions and proof of purchase. Invoices are sent to customers to let them know how much they owe you, and they also serve as a marketing tool. Are you interested in creating your own invoice? Go check out Sales Invoice Templates in Apple (Mac) Numbers. Our ready-made templates are designed to allow you to create your invoice conveniently. You have several templates to choose from, all of which are customizable, downloadable on your computer, and printable. We also guarantee their quality as they are original and professionally made. So, choose your template today.

What is a Sales Invoice

In 2019 there were 1.7 million purchase fraud complaints filed in the US, according to Statista. Official documentation would have prevented some of these cases from happening. This is where receipts and invoices can prove to be valuable tools. With proper records of transactions, customers and business owners can ensure that they can conduct business with trust. An invoice function as documentation of the products or services that a client has to pay for. It is akin to a bill, but it is more detailed.

How to Create a Sales Invoice

A Sales invoice is a simple form to create. You only need to follow the format, and you are good to go. If you are interested about creating invoices, there are tips present below that can help you.

1. Plan the Layout of the Invoice

Most invoices follow a specific layout. However, you can take advantage of an invoice's marketing function and design the layout that would make your invoice remarkable and easily remembered by people who have done business with you. Of course, your invoice must still retain its function, so take note of the typical features of an invoice.

2. Use a Spreadsheet Computer Application

A spreadsheet application like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets will provide you with a convenient sheet that you could use to create your invoice. Take advantage of the tools that these applications offer.

3. Add Your Logo and Other Brand Designs

Another function of an invoice is that it helps in your company's marketing. Most invoices have the logo of the company that produced them. This is part of their branding. When creating an invoice, you should make sure that your logo is present in it.

4. Put the Necessary Labels

Make sure that your invoice has the necessary labels to know where to put the items. Label the product column and the prices column as well as the quantity column.

5. Add the Disclaimers and Payment Options

To complete your blank invoice, you should add the disclaimer. Your disclaimer is your company's policy regarding the purchase of products and services. You should also include payment options to give your customers a choice. This would make it convenient for your customers.

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