When you enter into negotiations with businesses or professionals, don't take it with a grain of salt; make sure everything is dealt with accordingly. Secure a legal contract and have all the terms and conditions written clearly. Here at Template.net, we'll help you out with your concerns with our collection of ready-made contract templates in Apple Pages. These easily downloadable, 100% customizable, and fully printable templates are guaranteed to help you create well-written contracts quickly. Save time and be productive by simply downloading a ready-made template and using it to come up with your own contract.

How to Create Contracts in Apple Pages

Learn how to create Service contracts professionally by using the instructions below as your reference. Whether you're an independent or freelance employee or a professional consultant, these instructions are guaranteed to help you create useful contracts for all purposes.

1. Gather Information about the Other Party

Regardless of the file format, the first thing that you should do when creating contracts is to know who the other party is. In this step, you should gather more details about them besides their name and their organization, and you should also know about the nature of their employment. Additionally, you might want to consider whether their agency's sales may affect your contract agreement. Take note of whatever information you can gather before entering into negotiations with them.

2. Negotiate Terms with the Other Party

After getting enough information about the other party, you can meet up with them and make the necessary negotiations. During this time, you can start sharing your own expectations and also get the other party's side of the story. Do this politely and professionally; the end result of the negotiation is to come up with terms that both of you can agree on. While in the negotiating phase, it might be best to keep things documented.

3. Create a Draft of the Contract

If you took down notes during your negotiations with the other party, this is where you can make use of those documented details. Write a draft of the contract's content and refer to your notes for useful keywords. As much as possible, try not to be too wordy with your simple contract, make it concise and comprehensible to minimize the risk of committing errors, but also make sure not to leave out useful information.

4. Present the Draft of the Contract to the Other Party

While others would skip this step and go directly to encoding the contract using Apple Pages, but that would be considered risky especially if the other party wishes to add or remove certain details in the content. It would be better, safer, and more practical to have your written draft presented to the other party for review. Provide explanations if necessary and ask the other party for their opinion on the content.

5. Use Apple Pages to Write Your Actual Contract

Apple Pages is a word processing application that's included in the iWork productivity suite and is considered as Mac's answer to Microsoft Word. To start working on the sample contract, create a new document in Apple Pages and then just start writing. To make the process easier, you may use the draft as your reference, just make sure to observe proper and professional formatting.

6. Proofread, Print, and Sign the Contract

Once you're done writing the content, take some time to proofread your work even though Pages already has a built-in spelling and grammar checker. Afterward, you can start printing copies of the contract, and make sure to print a copy for each party or each responsible person in the party. And since contracts are legal documents, don't forget to affix yours and the other party's signature on it.

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