Sample Sheet Excel Templates

Prepared by Our Experts, Enjoy's Free Sample Sheet Excel Templates. We Have Timesheets, Inventory Lists, Employee Attendance Sheets, Monthly Budget Spreadsheets, Balance Sheets, and Even Personal Budget Planners. Each Document is Ensured to Provide You Ease in Filling Out Your Own Content. So, Drop Your Worries! Grab Our Project Budget or Inventory Sheet Today for Better Project Management! See more

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  • Tracking and organizing business data and information is one of the components of a successful business or organization. Hence, every company and institution must have a competent, effective, and convenient tool to use, such as sheets. With that, we present to you our collection of well-made Sample Sheet Templates available for various uses. Our sheet templates come with preformatted layouts, simple designs, and suggestive content that you can customize in Microsoft Excel. These templates are also printable in A4 and US sizes. Grab our professionally made templates today, and get the chance to track, analyze, and secure essential data accurately. Download now!

    How to Make a Sample Sheet in Excel

    According to Statista figures, the top data preparation tool that the majority of the organizations are using as of the year 2017 is spreadsheets. A total of 75% of organizations stated that they are currently using spreadsheets as their tool in tracking, analyzing, and organizing business data. So, if you want to keep an eye on your business data accurately, utilizing a sheet would be excellent. Below are tips on how to make a sample sheet

    1. Know the Type

    Before you begin the process of making a sample business sheet, you have to identify its type first. Is it a personal datasheet, a balance sheet, an inventory sheet, or expenses sheet? Doing so enables you to gain ideas and concepts on how to make a professional business sheet.

    2. Prepare the Data

    Once you've already determined the type of sheet to use, it's time to gather all the data needed. You may list it down in a blank sheet and categorize each data to have a clear guide. 

    3. Design the Sheet

    After that, the next thing to do is to design your sample sheet. Developing your sheet means incorporating tables and charts. In doing so, you can make use of any spreadsheet programs of your choice like MS Excel—one of the best software in making spreadsheets. 

    4. Add the Text

    When you finish creating the layout and format of your sample worksheet, it's time to add the text. By this, you need to add the data that you have collected earlier and place each information to its corresponding columns and rows. You also need to include labels and other texts that will make your sample sheet accurate and professional.

    5. Include Labels

    Another essential content that should be present in your sample sheet document is the labels—names, dates, and other identifying statistics. Doing this will make your sample sheet more presentable, accurate, and professional.


  • What Is a Sheet?

      A sheet is anything that carries out data about a specific topic. It is a piece of paper produced in a standard format and size that is commonly used in the business setting—mainly to organize, present, analyze, and categorize data logically; although, due to the advancement of technology, sheets are also now available digitally.

  • What Are the Types of Sheets?

      Sheets come in various types depending on how it is being used. Here is the list of the commonly used sheets in the business industry.

      1. Worksheet
      2. Budget Sheet
      3. Time Sheet
      4. Balance Sheet
      5. Accounting Sheet
  • What Are the Advantages of Spreadsheets?

      Spreadsheets provide multiple functions to its users. Here are some of the most common advantages of using a spreadsheet. 

      1. Organizes data
      2. Streamlines calculations
      3. Multiple user access
  • What Are the Three Basic Parts of a Sheet?

      The content of each spreadsheet depends on its functionality. However, it all contains three essential parts:

      1. Labels
      2. Values
      3. Formulas
  • What Are the Best Applications in Making a Spreadsheet?

      Spreadsheets can be formulated using any software program. Here is a list of programs that you can use in making a spreadsheet:

      1. Microsoft Excel
      2. Google Sheets
      3. Smartsheets
      4. LibreOffice
      5. Airtable