In British English, a report card, or school sheet, expresses a student's academic success. In most cases, the school sends the report card to the student or the student's parents once or twice a year. A grading scale is used on a standard report card to assess the consistency of a student's schoolwork. The grading scale in North America is composed of grades earned in the student's classes. Computers are also commonly used to produce report cards, which are then mailed to parents and pupils.

Teachers used to write individual notes about a student's work and actions in a section of traditional school report cards. Teachers may make such statements in some automated card systems, but others limit the report card to grades only. Any formal compilation and review of anything for details is referred to as a "report card." Many states in the US, for example, have their education departments issue report cards on a school's performance. In several North American elementary schools, a "Check System" replaces letter grades in the primary grades (kindergarten through third grade). Teachers mark students with a Check if they are at or above grade level, a Check Plus if they are advanced, and a Check Minus if they are below grade level. In the United States, a similar method is used for informal, low-stakes grading, particularly in the humanities, and especially for brief writing samples like reaction papers or in-class writing.

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