How To Create A Grade Sheet in Google Sheets?

Quality vs. Quantity — which matters the most?

Determining grades is one of the factors that a teacher or an employer sees to weigh student's or employee's abilities and performances. Despite its sound effects on people, it's also havoc to some. Thus, anyone who computes grades has to be circumstantial in a way that he/she should base it on the inputs of the students or employees. However, the quality of the person does not solely reflect on the quantity (grades) it gives, and the latter does not entirely define the former.

To start with, you have to create a grade sheet to present all your data clearly.

Since grade sheets contain tables, one of the easy ways to craft is through Google Sheets. Google Sheets is a web-paged program that is accessible online and often works in a web browser where you can create and customize spreadsheets. Once you decided to make your grade sheets, freely check on the tips, we provided below.

1. Utilize Spreadsheet With Google Sheets

You can save some of your time when you use spreadsheets to store your data than creating or inserting tables. Through Google Sheets' editing tools, you can easily add all the details either numeric or text that you have on the sheet. With a spreadsheet, you don't need to calculate the grades because it automatically displays the value manually. This way helps you to craft an organized presentation of data.

2. Include The Basic Information

Right after you use a spreadsheet on your grade sheet, you can now insert the essential information. If you want to make an Employee Grade Sheet, on the first two or three columns, you input the employee's name, the ID number, date, and location of the company. However, you're not limited just to these details, you can add as long as it's needed.

3. Set The Specific Measures

You now need to identify the specific measures that you want to base the grades of your student or your employee. The distinctive measures should relate to your purpose of making it. If you evaluate the student's academic performance for specific grading, you should present to them your bases, such as the assignments, quizzes, projects, and final examinations.

On the other hand, when you evaluate your employee's work performance, you may include his/her attitude, productivity, behavior, attendance, and others.

4. Use A Define Grading System

Grading does not only deal with the instant giving of rates. Whether you are a teacher or an employer, you should follow a standardized grading system. The quality of your school or your company mainly depends on how you base your evaluation. You have to maintain a credible assessment for a better output. You should determine the essential factors that will help the area that you are part of to upgrade.

You can sometimes evaluate a student's academic progress through good grades. However, research suggests that teachers should perform a task-oriented approach to help students get good grades without setting A+ as their priority.

5. Add Design If You Want

Grade sheets are usually a simple presentation of data. However, that doesn't bar you from adding designs. You can put colors on the outline of your sheets, or else on the texts itself. As long as your designs complement with all the inputs, there's no harm in giving a try. Grade sheets are useful in the application of students to their advanced educational level, so create it wisely.

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