How To Create A Grade Sheet In Apple Numbers?

A teacher usually utilizes a grade sheet wanted to apply the grading system in a high-school student. Businesses also use grading sheets to keep track of an employee and his/her performance. Either way, it is used as an evaluation document that would determine the fact about their performance and how you will evaluate them. If you are a teacher or a company head wanted to assess his/her student or employee, here's how to create a multipurpose grade sheet.

1. Know Its Purpose

You cannot start formulating your grade sheet if you do not know its purpose. Its purpose is the main framework of your grade sheet, so make sure that you are notified. If you are a teacher, then you need to make an academic grade sheet together with the timesheet as your attendance reference. If you are part of the human resource management assigned in grading the employees, then along with an employee worksheet, you need to make a business grade sheet.

2. Pick A Grade Sheet Template

To quickly finish your task, you can have the alternative to download grade sheet templates that you can find here at They are professionally-written and beautifully-designed, so it has the balance of standard content and visual element. With our list of sheet templates, all you need in grading such as sign-in, sales, and budget are available here for free! Enjoy our easily editable templates up to its extent.

3. Format The Template

With our 100% customizable templates, you can format it in any way you want. First, you need to format the header of your grade sheet. Input pieces of information of your company such as the company's name, logo, location, and complete contact details. Afterward, input all the necessary information such as employee or student's name, identification number, date of validity, and more. For its content, you can insert a grade sheet table with an appropriate count of rows and columns. Label each row for evaluation, such as employee's activity, rating, and remarks. Fill it out with the proper grading for each title.

4. Enhance Its Appearance

An official document must have the symmetry of the content and design. Enhance the appearance of your grade sheet with its corresponding relatable design elements you can insert. For instance, if you are making a grade sheet for the student's music homework, you can look for a sample sheet and use it as an inspiration in the design of your sheet.

5. Make Your Footer Not The Least

Every document has its closing statement and so on your grade sheet. Usually, the end note of a business document is the signatory section where the signature of the involved party is affixed. It will indicate that the report is legitimate and valid. Afterward, in every printable data sheet, you need to make sure of its consistency. Try to re-evaluate your employee sheet or student sheet and jot down remarks for it. You can use it in editing and polishing your grade sheet in no time.

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