Keep track of everything in your business with a Professionally Made Log Sheet Templates. From Timesheets, Delivery Logs, Contact Logs, and Equipment Inventory, these Templates are Expertly Laid Out and Formatted with fillable sections and columns that allow ease of organizing and tallying data. Suitably perfect for logging in Time, Attendance, Equipment, and Delivery. These Templates are in a User-Friendly File Format and can be Instantly Downloaded, Easy to Customize and Ready To Use and Print at your convenience.  Having Accurate and Timely Data is crucial in the day to day operations of a Business. Download Now and bring Accuracy and Precision to your business.

How To Make Log Sheet in Excel

Log sheets are an important part of the day to day operations of Businesses. From Time Keeping, Inventories and Work Progress, Log Sheets provide a daily record of almost everything in the workplace. An Accurate and Precise Log Sheet could spell the difference between gaining huge profit or a huge loss. An article from the Harvard Business Review says, "U.S. economy is losing 50 million hours, or $7.4 billion a day, in productivity." and that is due to badly filled out Timesheets. Having an Accurate and Precise Log Sheet at hand could also prevent disasters in the workplace such as loss in productivity, loss of equipment and other assets. To sum up, an Accurate and Precise Log Sheet provides accountability in the workplace or in businesses in general. To achieve accountability with Our Log Sheet Template, here are the tips on how to make an Accurate and Precise Log Sheet Using Microsoft Excel.

1. Choose The Right One For The Job

Are you in the Courier Business keeping track of delivery schedules? A Property Custodian in-charge with Equipment and Company Property? or a Time Keeper with a Timesheet on Hand? Log Sheets come in different forms for a variety of jobs and purposes. Data can either be written with numbers or with words or both. Choose the right one that fits the job.

2. Tally Scores With Microsoft Excel

Use Microsoft Excel in making an Accurate and Precise Log Sheet. This User-Friendly Industry-Standard Spreadsheet Software provides easy to use and edit fillable columns and sections with an array of integrated functions and formulas which allow users to accurately tally data and scores. Plus, it also allows users to Submit their High-Quality Output via Email or in Printed Form using home, office, and commercial printers.

3. Fillable Sections And Columns

An Accurate and Precise Log Sheet should feature Fillable Sections and Columns. Fillable sections and columns provide space for data to be tallied neatly and organized. It allows readers to instantly understand the data written on the sheets. The Sheet's sections and columns should be properly labeled and with preset formulas and functions already in it. That allows data and scores to be accurately and precisely tallied with ease. The fillable sections and columns should also be wide enough for numerical and non-numerical data to be written and logged in such as Call Logs.

4. Data and Scores

Data and Scores should be tallied on their corresponding sections. Tallied Data and Score could be a volunteer's or employee's monthly attendance, Equipment Inventory, Contact Log or, Daily Work accomplished for Project Status Report. For convenience, compute using the integrated Formulas and Functions preset in the Spreadsheet. Non-numerical data can be written and logged especially in tracking inventory.

5. Print And Use

After tallying data and scores on the log sheet, it is now ready for submission. You can submit it online through Email or Have Printed. These Print-Ready Log Sheet Templates allow for instantly printing high-quality log sheets anytime and anywhere you need it. These Portable Templates can also be accessed on any mobile devices such as Tablets and Smartphones.

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