Strategy Roadmap Google Sheet Templates

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Prioritization is vital in keeping your plans in its appropriate phase. Visualizing each part through a strategy roadmap is an effective way to start. By exploring our site, you will run into various Strategy Roadmap Templates that are 100% customizable using Google Sheets. So, save your time and effort by downloading the strategy roadmap template that best fits your needs now. 

What is Strategy Roadmap?

The common mistake that people thought of about strategy roadmaps is interchanging its intents from execution plans, which have significant differences. A strategy roadmap determines what changes are necessary to apply and why they need these to reach business goals while execution plans only describe how the program shall function and what process to take first and next. A strategy roadmap is a link between the strategies you apply in your project and your implementation plans. 

How to Create a Strategy Roadmap in Google Sheets

Truly, the forefront of today's means of communication is via email. With this, it seems easier to create your strategy roadmap using Google Sheets. Enabling your priorities into digital transformation is probable nowadays. If ways on creating one are your concern, check down the tips below for your guide.

1. Set Your Vision

To outset your roadmap and your project management, you need to provide a vision that will become the basis of all your plans and strategies. Be clear and firm about your vision to know what to list down as your priorities after this.

2. Identify the Problems to Address

With your visions at hand, you now determine the problems you need to address for your business's growth, unlike Gantt charts that only present the project schedule.  Recognizing your problems from challenges shall be particular enough to find objectives and strategies to maneuver your plan for each.

3. Set Objectives

The sense of listing down problems and challenges to address is to know what specific objectives to set to manage them. Setting your objectives in your roadmap must relate to your problem and the process that it follows.

4. Formulate your Course of Action

You incorporate the course of actions in your objectives incase you encounter changes in the future. For instance, if you oversee gaps or changes in your sales management, you may consider a people course of action by appointing a digital salesperson or a physical course of action through a digital sales management tool.

5. Apply Agile Methodology

Agile methodology is a type of project management that is common to software development. However, you may incorporate this initiative into your strategic roadmap by sustaining your strategic planning flexibility toward the changing conditions that may occur whenever possible.


  • Why are strategy roadmaps valuable?

      Strategy roadmaps are vital in strategic planning and implementation because it helps you focus on a clear picture of your plans and strategies. It organizes all your projects. A strategy roadmap is a comprehensive presentation which keeps you on track in all your process. 

  • What happens when I don’t develop a strategic roadmap?

      In a general perspective, business strategies often fail without a strategic roadmap. This instance happens because of poor execution. Despite how good your initiatives are, there’s no good on your end, if you have poor implementation for each. Thus, you need to develop a strategic roadmap. However, that does not end it all. 

  • What makes a good strategy roadmap?

      Only that your strategy roadmap becomes good when it provides you assistance with how GPS works in tracking your performance and progress, it must give you a realistic picture of your plans and business goals and visions. 

  • Why is vision essential in creating a roadmap?

      The idea appears like going on a trip without knowing your destination. Spontaneity might be challenging, but it isn’t healthy for your roadmaps. Roadmaps functions on your favor once it has the vision to pursue.