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What is an Instagram Ad?

Instagram Ad is any advertisement made in any electronic device that you can post on the Instagram application. This type of medium caters to the broad coverage of audiences for this platform uses images and a set of videos that are available online.

How to Make an Instagram Ad?

In this modern era of technology and communication, one could say that making use of social media as a medium of advertising could be an easy one. Hypothetically speaking it is feasible, but getting into the social media marketing game is not that easy as it sounds. Instagram, as a tool for photo and video-sharing social networking service, is one of the avenues for marketers to advertise their products and services to their specific audiences. All over the world, there is an estimated number of 1 billion people who use Instagram every month. The statistics conclude that Instagram is indeed an excellent choice for you to venture as a marketer.

If you browse on the internet, you can see a wide variety of guides on how you can advertise with the use of the Instagram app. However, as a startup, you can make use of our gathered guidelines on how you can begin your Instagram advertising game.

1. Identify, Plan, And Execute

In any advertising process, whether for wedding management or opening a school, one must have a thorough and in-depth plan that would support your course of action. Before you formally execute your desired advertising, make sure to actualize first a marketing plan. This plan would serve as a guide for you on how you can perform the process, and it will oversee the SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) of your desired advertising.

2. Determine What is It For

As part of the planning stage, first, identify the prime purpose of having one social media ad. Is it for your photography, travel ad, or a sports ad? Include it in your actualized business plan, and list down the possible Instagram theme or motif that you can incorporate into your digital medium.

3. Outline

This stage would take much of your creativity. With the use of your simple Instagram theme, design your advertisement page by incorporating your desired text, color scheme, and format images. If you opt to utilize our templates, there's no need for you to sweat out on the layout for all of our graphic templates guarantees you an editable layout experience.

5. Boost The Content

Content creation is very vital in every marketing, especially in digital marketing. If you purposely want to have an Instagram ad for your business, you need to maximize your content. Let your potential audiences know your services and products. You can make use of discount vouchers and promos to uplift your advertising.

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