How to Make University Social Media Content?

This refers to digital content found in social media platforms, used in promoting a university. Such content includes user posts, video ads, etc.

A university is usually made up of various types of advanced education, offering degrees through different learning levels ranging from college majors to mastery courses (as explained by Britannica, a well-known information resource). Due to this variation, it’s crucial that your social media advertisement accurately caters to your target audience.

So, to help you out, we’ve prepared several tips (below) on how to effectively draw in students through social media content!

1. Using Visuals in Your Social Media Content

Attractive imagery is responsible for catching someone’s initial attention on social media, even when it comes to academic matters. One method of achieving this is through the use of photos. For your university content, some good examples of imagery include students, facilities, landmarks, and faculty staff.

A different way of visually enhancing your content is by using graphic designs. In this regard, aim for a style that’s fairly subtle in flair yet takes advantage of appealing color schemes.

2. Sizing Your Social Media Content’s Images

When incorporating photos and other pictures in your content, it’s imperative that they have the right resolution to match the specific use you have in mind. For example, a Facebook banner is 1200 x 628 pixels in dimensions, which means resizing or cropping your image to at least closely match those measurements. When an image is too different in resolution (be it in shape or size), then the site’s automatic scaling will have a negative effect on the image quality, or the image can’t be uploaded at all.

3. Writing for Your Social Media Content

Whether it’s through rendered text on an image or written as a message in a post, concise and creative dialog is advisable when advertising through social media. This is especially important when recruiting new students from current youth demographics, as keeping the attention of younger audiences is usually a challenge.

4. Maintaining an Active Social Media Account

Advertising your university through social media content is a good idea; however, to really use it to its fullest, running an active account is essential. That means answering inquiries, following other related users, sharing relevant posts from others, and so on.

So, did you get through all of our tips? Simply keep this information in mind and promoting your university through social media is easy! Feel free to come back if you need to do a review or need to download our University Social Media Templates!

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